Sailsman dictionary

Anchor 1

Heavy peace of iron in a hook-shape and at the end a rope ore chain, which men throw overboard. It serves to hold the ship on her place 'till:

1 the wind is getting above 2 knots

2 the owner is gone from board

3 o'clock at night



Anchor 2

A maritime business when the anchor (see anchor 1) is going down, and the loudness of the voices up




  1. The sound that a passenger makes when he bumped against and obstacle in the dark
  2. Nautistic term which men exclusively use in English films, a-a nonsensical- nonsensical way-way to-to say-say yes-yes




The sound of the local ships-dog when he wands to eat




The sound of the local ships-dog when he tastes the mess you made for him




The sound of the local ships-dog when you give him a kick because he is getting to much swagger




The land under water: the specialities of it are being indicated on the see-maps to help the sailor with anchoring. The usually shortcuts used: snd, hrd, sft, md and clfs



See figurehead




Open space frame where men are trying to get a sailboat to the right direction




A rhythmical interruption on marine radio's mostly called "Morse"




There are a few rules where on board given orders must content. When they are being understandable for the crew with maritime experience.

a command must be:











Navigation instrument where men can see their course. With the presence of motors and magnets the needle is gone crazy. And if you would follow this needle your boat would spin around and would never stop




Heavy stationary objects used on board for holding the corners of the map up, to hang the fenders at its place and to break off sudden movements of the gig.




Technical name for a storm.

Sailors use a universal method for indication how big the storm is.

    1. no wind
    2. to less wind
    3. to many wind
    4. much to much wind
    5. Wind, wind, wind, wind, wind, when the fuck does it stop?!
    6. We're going home!



An obstacle in the water you notice when you are sailing for 2 weeks and you're still on the same place. Sometimes where the water is very quit, there can be a development of a waterfall.

When you ever come in such circumstances, Good Luck….




A line who is circling an equally distance of both pools. And who's dividing the oceans in Northern Danger and southern Danger zone.



Extra Instruments

Every object, with is in your way when you don't need it, and when you do, it is broken ore disappeared




Decorative fool witch men mostly see on sail yachts.




Every living animal that does not panic when he must stay more than 2 minutes under water.




A tree planted in the middle of an ocean with floating land around it. It is also been regularly visited by the ships-dog




A piece of textile hanging on a big wooden mast, and when you stand under it, this isn't safe and gives you suddenly bad luck




A variation on the normal time of the Shipping Intelligence Time




1 A change of course, what makes the gig comes over with a highly dangerous speed

2 This is an operation coupled with pointing, arm signals and of abusive language.




1 Every boat longer than 1 meter

2 The captain

3 Every spot with water

4 Very spot of land in an water area

5 Do you think of something what isn't a hindrance?



International Sea-rules

A few maritime agreements, valid on all the area's on water in the world. It is forbidden to make to much noise in small streets, like the street of Gibraltar, street of the molukkes and the street of harmur.

Another agreement is that when the ships are leaving the harbours with clean colours and a letter from their king, president, ore the first minister that he ore she declared that the crow loses the owners right of everything that is thrown overboard.

Another agreement is that it is forbidden to hold speed contests between the lock gates of Panama- and the suezchannel



see captain




Every connection between one ore more ropes. Mostly the ropes don't survive this.




In maritime use this means to be able to hold the crew onboard without and forces of violence




The side of the boat where water is coming onboard

The direction to throw liquid's and other objects overboard without the risk of seeing them back in the immediately future




A situation that needs leadership




1 A peace of paper to prevent food and drink spots on the table.

2 Much used as decorative wallpaper

3 An object which is mend to give the sailor a hand by the calculating of his position.

Blue colour (water) Yellow colour (land)




To see ore not to see

Home is always the best place to be when there is frog at sea.





A natural satellite of the earth. The circumstances to sail are the best when his colour is blue



Nylon rope

A synthetic rope that is of a memorable quality: her strength is decreasing in proportional with the rising price in the shop




Out of sense, out of range of any land




Not onboard of the ship




Portable ballast with the need of sitting together on the lee-side of the ship as soon as they're at open sea




An landings-stage in a harbour who says boom when you hit it.




Popular maritime contact sport.




It's a spiteful matter that ships-rubbish is thrown overboard without any form of ceremony. The untastefull rubbish at the bottom of the bucked may look worthless, but this "silent crewmember" still delivered a contribution for a successful trip. They are supposed to he handed over in deep respect to the blue sea. The short but touching "pair for not longer wanted objects" can be used as a guide during the ceremony. The complete crew is required on deck, on the moment the rubbish is thrown over board, everyone supposed to give 3 hour's fore the ones who are leaving us.



Sailor Songs

Traditional songs of oh, my darling, Brigantine, Catch a falling star, zie ginds komt de stoombood, rock around the dock, white sails in the sunset, Feel sick, Avant d'amorrer, and up we go down we go 'till we can't stand on our feet.




The biggest part of the world says that a ship is a ''she'', with a few exeptions in northern Holland.

Nothing is more female than a ship. There are alwas man hanging 'round, she needs a good master to keep her course right, she costs you a lot op paint to make her pretty. You have to be a man to handle her (that must be the reason why there are so many ships on the bottom of the sea)

First you're falling inlove and after that she's beginnen to demand hands full of money.




A peace of help with the navigation they exist in may different sorts and colours. All of them are seen as a vague black spot on the horizon.



Ship-to-Coast- radiation

A combination of a radio transmitter/receiver witch made it possible to receive wrong connections and already-connected-signals



Slip way

a Force of nature where every sailboat in a difference of size is giving in.

It begins with the false position what causes the force of the wind on the sails and ends when the ship is lying on the bottom of the sea. This answered the laws of physics.




The rise and decent of the water. Every day 2 times high and low water level. But on Saturday one time and on Sunday none




Are mostly worn by rich people ore amateur these clothing makes it possible to recognise somebody from 50-m distance




Some typical explanation " is it normal that there is any water under the closets?", "I believe this police boat wands to talk with you", "All the other boats are going to the other side of that black thing over there", "What does it say when the needle is laying on the bottom of this… thing?", " If there are gull's why aren't they moving?", "this is strange, there is a tree standing for a ship", " That apartment building is coming right at us"




Installation for indoor sailing



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