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Definition: [Astrological Ages] An age that is new... :) Seriously it's worth mentioning here because whilst there is a clear definition of an Astrological Age, [bequeathed to us by Carl Gustav Jung] there are a vast number of other New Ages of one sort or another being promoted, quite a few, it has to be said, disappearing off into the Twilight Zone, a long, long way from astrology of the heavens.

The New New Ages: Given below are some New Ages. All of the reasons shown below for the beginning of a New Age can be found on the web. I promise I have not invented any. The most popular date is 2000 AD, though heaven only knows why our views of the heavens should come into a new configuration based on exactly 2000 years since the incorrect date for Christ's birth. [Modern scholars put Christ's birth several years before 1 AD.] However, now that 2000 AD has passed and, unfortunately, the world seems its old self, 2012 AD is becoming popular.

Sadly, the next Astrological Age, the Age of Aquarius doesn't begin until approximately 2600 AD. I am sure many of us wish that it wasn't so long to wait, but the constellations are where are they are no matter what we might wish.

Date of New Age   Why is there a New Age Starting on this Date? 
1462 AD  Because of the relationship of historical events to ages, age-decans, sub-ages, sub-age-decans and micro-ages [Currently we are in the Virgo Micro-Age of the Sub-Age of Libra] 
1898 AD  Because the Hindu Age of Iron ended 
1904 AD  It was revealed to Alistair Crowley by a bodiless Egyptian entity 
1905 AD  2160 years since the last change of Age [Aries to Pisces] in 225 BC 
1911 AD  Because Krishnamurti channeled this date from the Lord Maitreya 
1922 AD  Because of the Mahdi was born on Earth 
1936 AD  Because the terrestrial axis began to shift 
1950 AD  Because the Equinoctial Sun started rising in the Sign of Aquarius  
1957 AD  Because the Russians launched the Sputnik satellite  
1962 AD  Because all the Classical planets lined up [in Aquarius] - as Plato said they would; and the Ant-Christ was born 
1962 AD  Because all the planets in the solar system met up under the constellation Aquarius; there was also a Solar Eclipse and a Lunar Eclipse - it is a concrete fact 
1962 AD  According to a Peruvian spiritual messenger 
1962 AD  Because the Anti-Christ was born 
1975 AD  The Avatar of the New Age appeared 
1975 AD  Because Nostradamus predicted this 
1981 AD  Because the first day of Spring had moved 30° from the start of the last sign, which began 2000 years ago 
1993 AD  Because the Satya Yuga started on the Vernal Equinox 
1995 AD  Uranus entered Aquarius 
1996 AD Uranus entered the Tropical sign of Aquarius - of which it is the ruling planet 
1996 AD  Aquarius will begin in 2600 AD but Pisces and Aquarius started to overlap 
1997 AD  Because Nostradamus predicted this 
1997 AD  Because planetary aspects were aligned like the Star of David 
1997 AD  Christ's new avatar manifested Himself amongst us 
1998 AD  Because of the intersection of the Ecliptic with the Galactic Equator 
2000 AD  Because of the leap year change in the Gregorian calendar 
2000 AD  An alignment of the Summer Solstice with the centre of the Galaxy, and hence 90° from the Vernal Equinox Point 
2000 AD  A shift of the grand trine from the Earth to the Air trinity  
2000 AD  2150 years since the last change of Age [Aries to Pisces] in 150 BC 
2000 AD  2000 years since the last change of Age [Aries to Pisces] in 1 BC 
2000 AD  A grand planetary alignment of all the Classical planets occurred 
2000 AD  Because Nostradamus predicted this 
2001 AD  Because of the principle of the Great Week 
2010 AD  The Institut Geographique National says so [I can't find why -sorry ] 
2012 AD  Humanity will experience a Resurrection into Light 
2012 AD  Because its the end of the year 396 Baktun in the Mayan calendar 
2012 AD  It's one-twelfth of the Zodiac away from the start of the Age of Pisces. 
2012 AD  The start of the Age is the Place of Purification as related by the Egyptians in the Book of the Dead; there will be a Great Conjunction for which the Great Pyramid was built as a stellar observatory 
2012 AD  Because there will be a Winter Solstice alignment of the Sun and the Galactic Equator. 
2020 AD  The first Jupiter-Saturn union in the Tropical sign of Aquarius since 1404 AD 
2020 AD  The first Jupiter-Saturn union in the Tropical sign of Aquarius since 1405 AD 
2023 AD  Because Nostradamus predicted this 
2023 AD  The Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, channeling via Alice Baily, stated that the Fourth Ray comes into manifestation 
2060 AD  2160 years since the last change of Age [Aries to Pisces] in 100 BC, according to Dane Rudhyar 
2060 AD  The second coming of Christ 
2070 AD  Exactly half way through the Great Year since the start of the Age of Leo 
2080 AD  Uranus will re-enter Aquarius 
2100 AD  2160 years since the last change of Age [Aries to Pisces] in 60 BC 
2100 AD  The North Pole will point exactly at Polaris 
2160 AD  Because Nostradamus predicted this 
2160 AD  2160 years since the Birth of Christ 
2874 AD  Based on a mathematical analysis of the passageways of the Great Pyramid 

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