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Auntie Andrea's Place
Please feel free to explore my place just the way you would visit my house.

In my
Living Room you will find a chat area and my Guest Book.  Please sign my guest book and let me know what do you think of my place.

I love cooking! My
Kitchen is my favourite place.  Here I will post  recipes of my yummy creations.  Some of these recipes are from my home country Hungary and some from all over the world.

My daughter is a teenager and my son is just beginning to know what school is all about.  The
Family Room is devided into three areas.  The Teen Corner is a place for teenagers to chat and browse links to fun places and games.  The Kids Corner is my son's favourite place.  Here children of all ages will find links to fun and educational game sites.  In the Parents Corner I will post links and articles about parenting and family life.

In the
Recroom the topics are sport, movie, music and computer.  Here I will also add jokes and quotes.

I don't know about you, but in my family everybody read in the bathroom.  So, in the
Bathroom you will find links and articles related to the news, magazines and books.  Also this is the place where you will find health and beauty related tips and links.

In the
Laundry Room I will include household links and tips.

I have two dogs, a Lahsa Apso and a German Shepherd.  So I should not forget about the
Backyard!  Here you may browse links related to outdoors, gardening and pets.

I live in the Durham Region in Ontario, Canada.  I've added a page with information and links about my

Thank you for visiting. I hope you have enjoyed your stay.
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