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Promote responsible and involved fathering by supporting men's personal development into fatherhood and healthy patterns in society.
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since March 28, 2002
I am a mother of a teenage girl, a primary school age boy and a step-mother of an almost adult young lady. 

Enjoy my collection of Links and Articles related to Family and Parenting.

I would love to hear from other parents to discuss parenting.  Please sign my Guest Book and let me know what is your secret of great parenting.
Children and Anger
by Betsy Mann

"You're mean! I hate you!"
The parent who is tenderly cradling a newborn baby never expects that some day those words may be pronounced in anger by that little innocent mouth. It is even harder to imagine that one might feel like saying them oneself to this darling child. In fact, strong emotions, including anger, are normal within the intimate relationships of a family.....

Helpful Hints for Healthy Parenting

Are you a hurried parent who could benefit from hints on how to enhance communication with your kids, tips on getting along better, guidelines on how to improve your relationship with your children?
Please read on.

When a Young Person is Suicidal

Navigating the teen years safely and healthily can be a real challenge. It's an emotional journey, this intense exploration of values, of sexuality, of career hopes and independence. At the same time, there are more responsibilities on all sides: school, family, work and relationships. The burden of trying to balance personal discoveries and dreams against other people's expectations can be enormous. For some, the pressure can become painful and overwhelming.....


Conference next week, new magazine, new programs suggest dads are taking more active role.
by Brian Shore

A father is home alone with his 12-year-old daughter when she calls out from the bathroom that she is having her first period.

Should he a) panic and phone her mother; b) place an assortment of feminine hygiene products outside the door and leave; or c) congratulate her on reaching a developmental milestone and make a trip to the corner pharmacy?

While few men would gracefully handle this challenge, that may soon change. A quiet revolution is under way in the dad industry, one that could soon recognize fathers as full partners in parenthood, not just a backup for moms...