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"Give me one friend, just one, who meets the needs of all my varying moods." - Esther M. Clark

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  • The Bixler page Bix's music page is ASTOUNDING! The page is nicely designed too. (Web students - take notes!)

  • David's page His poetry will make you smile, his prose will make you laugh. His 16 year old mind will make you shudder. What were YOU doing at 16??

  • Elizabeth's (AKA: Xena, Azure) page Xena's page is full of photos of her horses, her truck, and herself. And you'll never MUD with a nicer gal!

  • Gary's (AKA: KiwiG) page Gary is learning while designing his page.

  • An Author's Bookweb Corner Howard is a published author, so I figure: if I hang around him some of it may rub off! 8-)

  • Jacky's page Jacky loves cats, handmade creations, and Cheryl Wheeler! Who could ask for anything more?

  • Jim's page Jim told me he was about to redesign this page, so I can only imagine what you're in for. Good luck! :)

  • Ram-blings Ram is truly an eclectic individual. How he finds time for all his interests is beyond me. His concert reviews are outstanding.

Other outstanding Athens pages