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~ The Avress Tower ~

In the distance, a tower stands, offering refuge for travellers, wanderers and friends alike. Enter and explore!
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Status report: Updated on September 24, 1999

Welcome to the Realm of Magic
"Imagination is the strongest sort of Magic."
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Scribble Page


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Random thoughts: big, small, fuzzy, sharp, dangerous, or just plain silly. Thoughts that have taken many hours to attend to, or thoughts that have simply flown in through the window and knocked me senseless. I won't guarantee on being coherent or even entertaining, but feel free to visit. Somehow, someway, this is the most popular room in this tower.

The Office

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Hi! Come on right in, I'll be happy to tell you all about this mystical place and the 'little committee' that maintains this tower. Plus anything else you may find yourself curious about. :)

The Library

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The shelves still need a lot of rearranging, and the books need dusting, but there are a few pieces of writing that is readable. There are books and scrolls ranging from thoughts of wandering travellers to old tales recorded down.

The Gallery

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The Gallery is not up yet, but will be--one day! Much work is being put into preparing these artwork for view. In fact, the tower's art specialist has theories about the painter's reasons for this art work and is working very hard to put them together.

The Observatory

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You will have to take the staircase to the Observatory; which naturally lies in the upper reaches of the tower. You will not only find information about the stars, but many other worlds. The Sisters do still travel very much.

The Attic

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It is more of an abandoned tower than an attic, but this room holds quite a few forgotten treasures, left long ago by previous Sisters. We've decided to make the Attic a place to archive most of the information about the Tower. So if you don't mind the dust, walk on up!


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Oh, come now! You don't think I'm a hermit in here, do you? I have had the great fortune to make some very good friends and am proud to say it. :) So drop by, they certainly won't mind! [ Snowflake 2]


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This door leads to a place which you would call "a little more down to Earth". Some may feel more comfortable here, but rest easy, I won't spite you for it. :) Those who are perfectly content with the Tower are still invited to take a peek. I would not put this door up had it not somethings to offer!

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