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TIGGERS! by Jabba
To bounce back home in spirited style
Bounding! Hopping! Leaping while...
Some would frown with turned-down stares...
While Jumping! Springing! Tigger dares...
Freedom from all shoes and socks
Stretching! Crashing! Missing rocks...
Come with Tigger! Think carefree!
And Flying! Rolling! Happy be!

Cowgirl=Rene, proper noun, a 31 year old
who moonlights as a
graphic artist while teaching Sophomore and Junior English.

Loves to write, read poetry on the front
porch on a rainy day, listen to
music, hike, eat homemade
chocolate chip cookies, play ALL sports,
jump out of planes, and live life to the fullest!

A picture is worth a thousand words!!

Me & My Man!!
My incredibly handsome hubby!!
Cowgirl & Lil' Sister!!
MOM (& a small Cowgirl)!!
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