Gaia brain and the History of Life:
Direct democratic ownership and management of natural resources. 19k
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If you could ask ANYONE to be president... who would you choose?

Think about it. Talk about it. Pass on the question. We could do better.

Who are the Electors to the President? They are the ultimate Choosers of the President, yet their identities are unknown to most of us.

Walter Cronkite and Franklin Thomas would do it if we ask, if the Electors ask.

Cronkite on the Twentieth Century

The Drug Dilemma: War or Peace

Cronkite says that not one of the many people asking him to run for President ever inquired as to what his views are.

The Drug War and the Bill of Rights

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How to win an argument with a meat-eater Diet choice important issue in puursuit of health, happiness, and a just society --Socrates

Spider web as neural net

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Bird song as neurotransmitter

grocery stores tell us that they sell "only Grade 'A'" produce slow-acting poison, aspartame, a.k.a. NutraSweet

Dvorak Keyboard: Change outmoded patterns of behavior.

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