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Mango Cocktail
Take 2 ripe mangos, and put the flesh in a blender. Add a generous shot of Grand Marnier or Cointreau. Give it a spin, and pour an inch of the resultant mango slush into champagne glasses. Top up with your fave Australian or Californian champagne. You now have a gorgeous golden drink which tastes wonderful and packs a punch.

Spiked Coffee
OK, alcoholic coffee is not a particularly original idea, but I'd just like to express my preference here. The best spiked coffee of all is made with Bailey's and Kahlua. A shot of each. Wow. Whipped cream on top if you're into it. Of course the best thing about spiked coffee is that it gets you into such an interesting state of mind: pissed as a parrot, and very wide awake. Ideal for rambling conversations that go on all night, or long sessions on the net.

Mulled Wine
A great gift to mulled wine makers is this top product called Norfolk Punch. This is a non-alcoholic herbal tonic made in England, supposedly from a recipe used by mediaeval monks; it looks like red wine and has about 20 different herbs in it, making it wonderfully spicy. (Investigate its availability in your area, or check for any similar products.)
So rather than hunt up 20 herbs yourself, you just pour a bottle of Norfolk Punch into a large pot, add about 3 times as much cheap red wine (I like cask claret for this), and apply a low flame till it's hot but not boiling. Keep it to a very gentle simmer. You also add the juice of one orange, some chopped-up orange peel, a few cinnamon sticks and cloves, and a couple of generous shots of Grand Marnier. Keep tasting it and adding honey or sugar according to your preferences. Share and enjoy.

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