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God is universal. Religions are equal but separate pathways we choose to travel to learn of ourselves and to seek God. Earth is our home. It provides us Nature's bounty, and we in return should nurture it. And there is but one Tribe of people here on Earth. They are called the Human Race."

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This site is for giving all people free advice about living their lives, not interpreting biblical scripture. The Three Wise Men belong to no religion, and their wisdom is available for all to benefit from.

Let us pray not for a church to rival the Taj Majal,
But for a church that need not have four walls.

Let us pray not for a congregation of those we choose beneath the steeple,
But for a congregation of all people.

Let us pray not for donations for those consumed by greed,
But for donations to help those in need.

Let us pray not for the strength to conquer or to kill,
But for the strength to carry out God's will.

-The Three Wise Men

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