The Nest

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Welcome to my Nest! Pull up a twig and sit down. I hope that you will find this to be a warm and welcoming spot - a fun place to visit.

I have a lot of varied interests, so you can expect a little of everything on this page.

Are there any Bonanza fans out there? I am one of those who became addicted to the show in re-runs, and since there isn't a lot of information out there I have set up a Bonanza page. I have now included a new Microsoft PLUS! Desktop Theme for Windows95. Check it out.

[Image:Horse. Link to Bonanza Page] Karen's Bonanza page

If you have had enough television, feel free to roam around the library. I hope to be expanding it soon, so check back if you don't see what you want.

[Image:Books. Link to Library] TheLibrary

Still looking for something else to read? I have recently posted a few of my own poems, and will be adding more soon. I hope that you enjoy them.

[Image:Paper and pencil. Link to poetry page] Poetry

I get bored looking at the same old computer desktop day after day, so I have started to develop some new Desktop Themes. There are only a few so far, but you will also find links to other Theme pages.

[Desk Icon. Link to Theme Page] Desktop Themes

If there are any cats reading this, you will enjoy Seki's "Cats Only" page. Be warned, though - there are no humans allowed!

[Image:Siamese Cat. Link to Seki's Page] Seki's "Cats Only" Page

A number of my friends are developing some excellent sites on the web. Whether you are interested in cycling, cooking or personal growth there is something in these links for you.

[Image:Kid. Link to Friends Page] My Friends

I have too many awards to properly display here now, so I have given them a page of their own. I am very honoured to receive these awards, and I hope that you will visit the sites of the people who were kind enough to give them to me.

[Image:Medal. Link to Awards Page] Awards Page

[Image:lynx. Link to Lynx info page] I enjoy all the graphics and sounds available with Netscape, and use them on my page. I realize however that there are people who cannot, or choose not to, use graphic browsers. I have therefore attempted to make my site accessible to text-based browsers.

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Geocities has been kind enough to provide its members with Guest Books.I hope that you will sign mine, and let me know you were here!

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