My Awards

I am always thrilled when my page wins an award, and I would like to express my gratitude to those who looked over my page and felt it worthy of one. All of the awards are linked to the pages of those who gave them, and I hope my visitors will take the time to check out their sites.

[Image:Mary Ward's Butterfly Award. Link to Mary Ward's Award Page] Speech Friendly Butterfly Award

[Image:Peace Rose. Link to DarkRose's Garden] DarkRose's Peace Rose

[Image:Tulip Award. Link to The Garden of Tulips] The Tulip Award

[Image:Daisy Award] Ali and Nikki's Daisy Award

[Image:Athens. Link to Geocities Athens page] Geocities Featured Page

[Image: Award for Nonconformity] Award for Nonconformity

[Image: Canuck's Choice Award. Link to Canuck World Wide] Canuck's Choice Award

[Image:Critical Mass Award. Link to Linkaway2] Critical Mass Award

[Image:The Golden Grail Award. Link to GGA Page] The Golden Grail Award

[Image: Catlovers Award. Link to Kay's Cat Page] Cat Lovers Award

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