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McKinney, Texas
Depot  1960

This page is currently being completely reworked and reorganized.

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Astronomy and Space Exploration Links

On September 27, 1996 my students became a part of the Cassini Mission.

Cassini Art Work: View the Cassini Mission through great artistic imagery.

Nine Planets: A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System

Total Lunar Eclipse September 26, 1996

Earth and Moon Viewer

Deep Partial Lunar Eclipse March 23, 1997

Fractal Background Project Examples

This page as well as the following pages have backgrounds which I created using Fractals for Windows and modified with Microsoft's Photo Editor and Image Composer. My Emerging Technology Classes are currently creating their own tessellating fractal images. Some of my more advanced students will use their images on their own Web page. Here are some links to pages which I made using fractal backgrounds which I created.

These are still among my favorite links:

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Visit Skåne!

See how I sent my Christmas Cards to Sweden on the Internet this year, Christmas Cards to My Swedish Relatives.

Visit Kullaberg and Höganäs, Sweden, Höganäs Kommun.

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