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pheasant coucal or "stormbird," Centropus phasianinus

alphuy (inh -)
albudh (inh -)
(minha -)
in Uw Oykangand
in Uw Olkola
in Pakanh

Pheasant coucal

The pheasant coucal or "stormbird," Centropus phasianinus (family Cuculidae), is a conspicuous, large and loud black and brown coucal. Its name in Uw Oykangand and Uw Olkola contains the word alphuy/albudh, which means wind. The call of this bird precedes a storm.

The stormbird is an important storytime character. Its story place is at Fish Hole, called ignganhdh, an important spot for fish poison.

Lofty Yam:

Like he sing out like, "Woop! Woop! Woop!" That's home bla him, here. Used to have big tree for him home, got a nest here, he bin there see. Stormbird story. You know stormbird [pheasant coucal, Centropus phasianinus], that story belong to him here. Fish Hole. Poison the fish here every time. People come from all the direction, you know, this side, this side, this side. Send them old time letter [i.e., marking stick] --sometime they carry fish head, fish head from here. Big catfish, take 'em. That the letter. Take him every camp.
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