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Morgans Raid:
The Battles of Cynthiana


Last Updated: 22 December 2008

Event Registration

REGISTRATION FEES 'cause unlike this site - some services aren't free!!!!

  • WALKINS $5
***Registration for the 2009 year is FREE!***

Amenities Provided

  • Hay and straw.
  • Water
  • Firewood
  • Three meals A Saturday Evening dinner & Sunday Morning breakfast will be available for a nominal fee

Battle of Cynthiana Reenactor Rules - Revised 8 Dec 03 ...revised to keep idiots from riding a horse while intoxicated.

  1. No vehicles in camp after 9:00 a.m. Saturday except for a brief unloading visit.
  2. No alcoholic beverages.
  3. All participants under the age of 16 are required to have their parent's signature on the Liability Release.
  4. Liability Releases must be signed before establishing residence in the camps.
  5. Trash must be disposed of properly.
  6. Anyone deemed by the committee to be acting in an unsafe manner at any time will be required to to leave the premises.
  7. Property damage or vandalism will result in prosecution.
  8. No cutting of trees or other vegetation-firewood will be provided.
  9. Parking is in designated areas only.
  10. Children under 14 years of age must remain in camp or under direct adult supervision at all times.
  11. No modern camping.
  12. Company commanders are required to inspect all troops prior to participation in the battle.
  13. The Battle of Cynthiana Committee has the authority to ask any person not in compliance with the above rules to leave the premises.
  14. Registration will be manned from Thursday night thru Sunday
  15. Everyone will stop to sign a liability release & registration form and pay the registration fee.
  16. All vehicles will be parked in a designated area. No vehicles will be allowed to enter camp after 9am Saturday, except for reenactor/supply drop offs.
  17. Alcoholic beverages and illegal substances WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Anyone found in posessesion will be removed from the camp.
  19. Coggins and Health papers must be presented when requested for any equine on property
  20. Anyone caught arguing or back talking provost marshalls will be asked to leave the premises. NO QUESTIONS ASKED
  21. Period firearms only. Modern firearms entering the event property will not be tolerated.
  22. Any and all safety measures will be followed to the letter.


Military Camps

  1. Only those 16 and older may carry or use weapons.
  2. Only those 14 and over are allowed on the battle field.
  3. All camps appearances must be consistent with the Civil War period. No modern amenities.
  4. All fires will be extinguished and all fire pits refilled at the end of the event.
  5. No firing of weapons in camp
  6. Bayonets will not be removed from scabbards.
  7. Ramrods will not be used during an firing activities.
  8. All persons on the battlefield MUST be in an authentic period impression
  9. Full-scale artillery pieces only allowed in battle recreations.

If your Unit wishes to register for this event, please contact:

Michael Brown

Kevin Hall

Battles of Cynthiana
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