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Website for the classmates of Electrical & Electronics Engg 1994-98, Annamalai University.

"Being an INDIAN is such a wonderful feeling,being an ANNAMALAIAN is the next best feeling my heart feels."
Though EEE was considered to be the strictest Dept we had enough fun.We had all kinds of people Fruits - Jerks,Locals - Far eastern,Peters - Kavingyars,Rocket launchers - Proxy kings...what not in a class of 100+.We would'nt have know each other if not for those intervals,the free periods & the classes of few lenient Profs.Every one was funny at some point.More than anything we remember the fun we had and the humour these guys contributed.That is what brings a smile in our faces when we think of 'those 4 years' .

We can't afford to forget the best moments of our life.After 5 years of our graduation we decided to have a website to keep track of our classmates, to be able to contact them and to refresh college memories .

Friends,keep in touch and keep us(moderators) updated with your current position.Every single suggestion to make this a better(interesting) site is very much welcome.Lets keep our college memories alive.

Poll-I posted(Link in faculty page).Wishes to friends getting married!Congrats on the new born,Big Daddy....Bachelors HURRY UP (we might loose the last chance)!

Dedicated to our most respected Professor,Dr.Nayar,who passed away on 15 Aug 2001
Sir,you will be in our thoughts and prayers.