The webpage for golfers who don't have the balls to make the tour.

This site is dedicated to the men and women who make up a majority of the golfing population. The people who in all honesty, just suck! This does not deter us, we simply laugh and drive on. It is this morbid sense of humor that keeps us going long enough to hit that one shot. You know that shot, it's the one that keeps you coming back. We may yell, curse, throw and break things. We may cry and sob like wayward kittens. But we also have the capacity to laugh as we near ever so closely to the brink of insanity. You must have this sense of humor because your here at this site and not hanging from a tree with your laceless golf shoes dangling from your feet. Use what you learn here the next time your about to toss your putter into the cold and unyielding water hazard of pain and confusion. I would even suggest doubling with Bill Murray or at least keeping his photo next to your scorecard.

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It's time for me to put this baby to sleep, thanks for dropping by.

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