"We are not great.
"We are here but for one purpose --
for the preparation for the coming of the Messiah..."
"We have come for this time....

"Fear not that you should feel our presence.
Open your hearts that we may enter,
and your days of anguish shall be over,
for we shall fill your cup,
and therefore, a rose shall grow without thorns."

The words you read and hear,
though spoken through the voice of a man from 1970 to 1989,
are not those of a man,
but of spiritual messengers of God
speaking to you.
The voice of the messengers of slow,
for it is spoken from a depth that fills the heavens.
Yet, it is for all of earth --
for you for this time --
for it is the most beautiful message of love that could be given to you.
They come,
as they have before,
for one purpose --
to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah --
and to to ask you to prepare a way within yourselves.
For they come,
not to one faith or religion,
but to all the world.
"Open the door that we may enter,
and therefore, there can be a place prepared within you --
each of you --
for his coming."

What Is It Like to Hear
Spiritual Messengers of God Speak?

People gathered around Ray Elkins' living room. All had waited expectantly for this moment -- some in prayer, some meditating, some whose hearts were pounding, wondering how it would soon be to sit before angels and hear them speak, perhaps directly to them. All tried to be in one accord, as God would have them be, asking His messengers to come. Some knew the feeling of Aka's presence as they thought of God, then of Aka, to welcome their arrival in the room and into Ray's body.

Ray had set aside his personal concerns and calmed his mind through the day in preparation, opening himself more and more to God. Then Ray, in his mind's eye, or soul, walked out of his body up a stairway, a bright column of light, projecting himself up -- up through the stars so far, through the universe into greater and greater love, to stand with God. The light of God grew brighter and brighter until it was all Ray could see, as he felt the love of many.

As he took that last step, which is much like many report in dying, a council of spiritual messengers so close to God came down that infinite column of light -- through all time and space, filling the stars and hovering over his home, to enter into Ray's body to say, "Aka is here." We who were meditating could already feel God's messengers' presence filling the room and entering into our hearts to guide us, even before they spoke.

Listen to Ray, and then Aka speak
through Ray's voice after Ray has gone on.

You can hear the difference in the voice before Ray leaves his body to walk into the light to God, as Ray says the date, "December 22, 1972, Globe, Arizona" and after the spiritual messengers of God enter it and say -- "Aka is here." The moderator, Bob, says, "Good evening, Aka. Where is Ray?" The messengers of God answer, "Soul Ray stands with God." Then, for their Christmas message, they interpret a dream Ray had about planting seeds in many places.

"We stand in pure light before our Father and yours.
We have found it necessary to speak in your tongue,
of your language.

Spoken by spiritual messengers of God

For that half hour or more that Ray gave up his body to allow vast spiritual messengers of God speak to us and all mankind, heaven and earth become one in the room. The words that were spoken were not just words -- many miracles were given as the words were said. But the greatest miracle of all was the showing us to know heaven and earth, and become one with God's love and light, in the preparation for the coming of the Messiah. This is their gift to you today.

When Ray's body tired and the messengers returned through the galaxies, and the heavens, and infinite time and space to stand with God, Ray returned back into his body and his life here. Yet, the vast spirit God sends from nearest to His heart still hovered over the house, filling the stars and filling our hearts as we looked up in awe and felt the presence of God's spiritual messengers looking directly into our souls -- much like the shepherds tending their flocks at night must have felt when the angel of the Lord appeared unto them to tell of the Messiah's coming. For no less were these moments, and no less precious -- as is the time now, this short time before he comes.

Will you prepare a place within yourself for his coming? Will you open your hearts and welcome him into you?

In the Beginning --
What Was Said that Very First Night
as a Gift was Given to Ray from God?

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How did Ray receive this gift?

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See transcripts -- or readings --
of the actual words,
as they were spoken
by the spiritual messengers of God

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"You ask from whence we came. And we should say to you, as has been said before, that we come as messengers, and therefore, we are not great. But God is great....

"Be patient, for in God's plan the time is not yet now, but soon, for we must prepare a way; and therefore, when the time is right, our Lord shall tell us, and we shall tell thee. For all things will be known to you in time....
"Aka, June 12, 1970

"As we have said, love, love of thy fellow man, unselfish love, and if your world could learn to love one-tenth, and know one-tenth of the love of our Father, that's all that would be necessary for the saving of your world. Aka, August 3, 1970

"Remember, thy must ask that we might enter and the helpers that thy Lord should send may enter.
Remember, we are here to prepare a way for the Messiah....
"Then we would say, think of the Almighty; think of the records that are kept forever and ever, and think of the coming of the Messiah...

"Be patient, and think of the word, Aka, in thy meditation. Think of our Almighty God, thy Father.
Remember, if thy do not allow us to walk with thee, we cannot, for each soul has upon itself free choice. And remember...there are no souls -- or spirit, or body which is identical. All things our Father loves; that is why He has made it so, for remember, all things upon thy earth and in thy heaven, our Father created...."
Aka, August 24, 1970

"Now, thy would ask again of us, who comes to you, and from where we come?

"For we were sent for One who asks God. And he who sent and asks did say, 'Father, send Thy these who would teach, and send Thy these who would know of my Father.'
"There was [were] those before who did the same.

"We have told you before, you would pass the beggar on the street and that beggar would be above you, for he would be the next to enter the kingdom of God and stand beside you. And God might ask this beggar for advice. Does this seem strange to thee? Yes, we see this.
We also see -- one moment, please. Yes. Yes, yes, Father.

"Then we would say in a different way, one more liking to our Father's words.

"We have made ourselves known to you as our Father has suggested. For we call, as thy would call it, ourselves, 'Aka.'

"Think thee of the first of the name, Aka, and thy would think of the Almighty. Think of the second of the name and thy would think of the word, karmic. Think of the last of the name and thy would think of the records, the records, which are kept from the beginning, of all things, of all knowledge which man was born and born again. This knowledge, as our Father gives us permission, we should give of thee.

"We give this knowledge so that man, all of man, would know of the love of our Father, and by knowing of the love our Father has to give, of the tears our Father sheds, that all man of all religions should come to our Father, together in peace and love....

"Then, it does not matter how you spell of this. But if all of you could agree upon this one simple thing, then you have taken one step closer to our Father....

"And this, we would say for some time -- for there shall be the time. This is why we urge that this message that we have given thee be taken to all living souls of your earth."
July 15, 1970

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