Ride with us and you ride alone
(meaning you ride your own ride)
We're a riding club, not just an owners club. Most of us ride 250+ miles every weekend.
We promote the use of motorcycle gear: helmet, motorcycle jacket, gloves, and boots. Don't forget your legs. Jeans provide no protection. A good pair of motorcycle pants (Joe Rocket, Frank Thomas to name a few) will cost around $150.00. Road rash, infection, and skin grafts can cost thousands.
BMW RA #298
We ride most weekends. Rides are announced on Friday. Usually, we meet at 7 or 8 am on Saturdays (or Sudays), and ride to a place that serves breakfast.

Multi-day rides are scheduled well in advance.
Multi-day Scheduled Rides
If you would like to see what we are all about, take us for a test ride so to speak, please send an email to angieshelley@hotmail.com  We'll add you to our guest list and you'll receive the club's email every Friday for that weekend's ride/event(s).
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Coffee and conversation: 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month. 6:15 pm at Boston Market, 5101 N. Central ave. 85012 (Look for the hemets and/or logos)
(Just N of Camelback on Central Ave.)

We as a club promote motorcycle training.
We as a club try to take the Experienced Rider Course every two to three years, just to erase bad habits...
Reasons: We really don't want to ride with inexperienced, un-trained riders, it's just too dangerous. The more you know, the better and safer the ride, and the safer it is for all of us in the group. So, if you're new to motorcycling, please take a beginner rider course at TEAM ARIZONA:

If you've been away from motorcycling for a number of years, take one of the refresher intermediate courses that TEAM ARIZONA has to offer.

For those of you looking for an independent BMW service center...check out MotoGhost in North Phoenix between the 101 and Deer Valley airport.  They work exclusively on BMW's and have more than 30 years of combined BMW experience.  They perform everything from major overhauls on older models to scheduled maintenance on the new models and have diagnostic capability on the new CAN-BUS bikes as well. All work is performed on a by appointment basis only.  Their website is http://www.motoghost.com and they can be reached via phone at 602-324-9629. 

For any of you who want custom earplugs, Al Schibi--also known as Arizona Al-- makes great custom earplugs. He makes plain earplugs or with speaker tubes so you can hear your tunes, radar, or whatever else you listen to.  Al can be reached by phone at 480-668-0683 or at customearplugs@cox.net. He is located in Mesa and can fix you up in a hurry if the need arises.
The cool embroidered patches may be available again soon.

Primary Club Contact Information:
Organizer Extraordinaire; Shelley; 480- 598-1969  angieshelley@hotmail.com
Club Secretary/Treasurer: Angie (The Blue Streak)

Website Maintance:  Brian Eisenhauer

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