Hi everyone! My name is Barbi, but most of you know me as honeyimhome, the Liaison of the YahooGeoCities neighborhood of Baja.

I am a 52 year old Web Designer, a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, and an avid Dog Show enthusiast who recently moved to the state of Arizona.

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I have always worked with computers, but have also taken a few side trips in my life with careers! I've done some modeling, raced a few cars down a dragstrip, driven a tractor-trailer hauling furniture all over the U.S.A., done such things as Auto Body work, including stripping and painting cars, raised farm animals (sheep, pigs, chickens, goats, and dairy cows), and have even owned a business delivering firewood for heating purposes to folks in a rural area of New Hampshire!

I'd like to say I'm not afraid to try anything...but that wouldn't be true. I get just as white knuckled as the next girl, but my love for Adventure keeps me going on the the next one! Besides, they make books on how to do just about everything!

I'm an excellent cook and can whip up just about anything without burning it!! ROFL Seriously, I enjoy cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, and even preserving the stuff from the garden! I love canning homegrown vegies, dehydrating herbs and things, and GEEZ...maybe I should move my site to Heartland? All kidding aside, I like doing things in and around my home. . .especially for the enjoyment of those I share my life with.

My main hobby for the past 29 years has been raising and showing Dobermans in A.K.C. conformation shows. This has always involved a lot of travel, which was normally done in my motorhome. I enjoyed this because it gave me the opportunity to meet people and have a social life. (Living on a mountain 25 miles from the nearest supermarket or shopping center for 20 years wasn't all it was cracked up to be!) Now my dog and I travel to shows in our van and stay at motels. Sometimes he just goes off alone with his handler and does what show dogs do. The days are long past when I seriously feel the urge to take off every weekend.

Things are sorta different now, and it's really KEWL! I can walk to a local store or the post office for little things, or drive a few miles over the border to California and shop at the little selection of stores there. . .one supermarket and a K Mart is about all this place has to offer! It's kind of a riot to think that this New Hampshire girl hops in her van and goes grocery shopping in California!!! (Every time I go to a dog show or am on an excursion with my true love, I find the nearest Wal Mart. . .I love that store!)

What else...hmm, I am Divorced and not looking. Don't get the wrong idea here, it's just that I already found the man of my dreams so I guess I should say I'm in a "Long Term Relationship". Isn't he a hunk girls? Definitely my idea of a 10! He lives closeby in Southern California. Well, not close enough but it's a darn sight better than the 3500 miles that used to seperate us!.

Thats all going to change very shortly and we will be where we belong. . .together out here in the desert.


Here is how it all began . . .One day, I was feeling kind of sad about my life. I'd resigned myself to the fact that I was destined to be living a life of unhappiness and boredom, when from clear across the country came an email from this man, who was answering a simple welcome letter I'd sent.

I wrote back.

Sort of makes you wonder huh? Neither of us were 'Looking', yet we both were feeling sort of alone in our own ways.

Watch this...heh heh...lonely CL's all over YahooGeoCities (any that are left anyways), are now gonna start answering their steader mail faster!! LOL

I have quite the sense of humor, (or had you already figured that out?), and an outlook on life that many people would be much happier with. I figured out long ago that life has lots of bumps in the road and just simply learned how to deal with them. I mean, if you break your fan belt on the highway you can either sit there waiting for a tow truck or whip off one of your 'thigh highs' and get your hands dirty substituting that for the broken belt. It's just a matter of options and which one you want to take!

Me? I betcha I'd make it to the next service station!

Hope you had fun here in the gossip column of my life!


Keep on peeking around, theres lots more to see here if you love adventure, need some help, or just want to laugh a bit at the antics that I've been up to!!

Come back soon!!







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