When she was only an infant child, she was kidnapped by an assassin known as David Cain. He raised her without words but rather fists. With this method she could read her opponent's body before he/she attacked and known what he/she was going to do. The only downside to it was that Cassandra could not talk. However she could undertand a little bit of the human language by reading the body. It wasn't much though. When Cassandra was eight, she helped Cain take out a mob boss by ripping out his throat with only two fingers. Looking at the dead man and seeing the blood on her fingers made her realize that killing was bad. And so she ran away from Cain, ran away from home, ran away from her country, Asia. She eventually ended up in America and decided to live in Gotham City, where she ended up meeting Barbara Gordon AKA Oracle, just before Gotham had it's famous Earthquake. When Gotham was declared as a No Man's Land, Cassandra (along with others) acted as Oracle's eyes, ears, and mouth, scouting Gotham to see what was going on and provide Barbara with information. In return, Barbara tried to help Cassandra learn how to speak.

During the time of the No Man's Land, the vigilante known as the Huntress (who was not in favor of Batman, because of her violent acts of "justice") donned the lagacy of Batgirl to earn Batman's respect and decided to stay in Gotham and help out. However Batman figured out the new Batirl's secret identity but decided to let her keep fighting. However when several innocent people died because Batgirl did not act wise enough led to losing the mantle. After seeing how good Cassandra was at fighting, Batman gave her the mantle instead. Through the rest of the No Man's Land, Cassandra helped Batman clear out the gangsters of teh No Man's Land, and helped Azrael defeat his enemy, Nicholos Scratch and also helped stop the Joker from murdering dozens of innocents. By the time the No man's Land was over (thankss to billionaire, Lex Luthor) Cassandra had earned the right to wear the costume. And so she continued her quest of fighting crime in the new, rebuilt Gotham City. At first, she started to work with Batman on all of her cases, but slowly she started to work less and less with him, proving that she could do it by herself.

One night, she stopped several assasins from killing a man named Jeffers. Afterwards, Jeffers tried to say how thankful he was of Batgirl saving his life. Unfortunately, because of Batgirl's disbaility she couldn't understand what he was saying. When jeffers realized that he touched her mind, and all of a sudden she could talk. Sort of. She could think like a human being because now she had all of these words swarming around, but could not talk aloud. Jeffers said she probably needed some practice. Jefferes explaine to her that he was science experiment to scientist who was doing morally and ethically wrong experiments. However Jeffers was one of teh experiments to be succesful, and he could read people's minds and talk to others telekinetically. When another assasin named Ezra showed up, Batgirl tried to stop her but failed miserably. For some reason she could no longer read the minds of her opponents. Batgirl eventually stopped Ezra, but it was harder than usual without her abnormal abilities. She asked Jeffers to return her to her silent body-reading self, but he said he couldn't. he said he didn't know how to. When he touched Batgirl's mind the first time, he just did it to her without even realizing what he was doing. Without, her special martial arts skills she was no longer capable of fighting crime and was forced to retire by Batman.


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