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As we head into the playoffs, we preview the wild card matchups.

Playoff Preview '07


With the 2007 Regular season campaign wrapping up this week, the post season picture is becoming very clear. After a handful two forfeits for both the Dragons and the Produce, we know the teams that have qualified for the playoffs, now we are just awaiting the final seeding. Hereís an in-depth look at the matchups.

Bracket 1
(1) Fear 3-0 vs. (8) Melody 1-1 / Crusaders 0-2
For the first time ever, the Fear went 3-0 and earned the #1 seed in the BFL Playoffs. Sean has now made the playoffs in three straight seasons and has a great chance of getting his first BFL post season win in his 6th season of play. He will be playing the loser of the Crusaders vs. Melody game in the first round. As of now, the Melody are winning a suspended game between these two teams 42-28 at the half. Should Jay hold on, the Crusaders will be the team that play the Fear. Either way, itís good news for the Fear. Sean has defeated both teams this season. However, the Crusaders gave the Fear a lot of trouble in their first meeting, with Sean narrowly escaping with the last second touchdown. Meanwhile, the Melody have been playing much smarter football as the season progresses, by eliminating their mistakes. The Fear and Crusaders have never won a playoff game. And the Melody have not played in the post season since 2000. No matter who wins this, it will be a monumental moment in franchise history for the winning team. The BFL will be more than happy to see one of these teams in the Semi-finals with a chance to go to BFL Bowl X. .

(4) Falcons 2-1 vs. (5) Melody 1-1 /Crusaders 0-2
After losing in overtime in the semi finals last season, the Falcons wonít be happy unless they get back to the BFL bowl, and bring home their second championship. Ross has not played since May and his coming off of a meaningless forfeit loss to the Warriors. No matter which team that Ross plays, he shouldnít have a tough time in the first round. The Melody or Crusaders will have their hands full with the most athletic team in the playoffs. It will take a mistake free game to have a shot at defeating the Falcons. Ross is way to fast for most of these teams. If Ross limits his mistakes, he can all but guarantee a win.

Bracket 2
(2) Gamblers (3-0) vs. (7) Bulldogs (1-2)
The Gamblers have now made the playoffs in all 7 seasons of play. Mark is determined to finally get to the BFL Bowl. And the good news for Mark is that he is playing some of his best defense of all time. This Gamblers team will be making a run at the Championship. But the Bulldogs do have a shot at this game however. While Mark was able to beat the Bulldogs in the regular season, should Andrew bring his A game, he will have a chance to repeat the upset from the 2004 playoffs. Andrew played a very solid second half, in a loss to the Sparrows. If the Bulldogs can feed off of that momentum, Andrew can get back to the Semi finals. Mark has been the most patient team in the league, dominating the short passing game. While the Gamblers still pose a big play threat, the short passes ensure Mark successful drives. The Bulldogs will need to out think the Gamblers and come up with a game plan that gets them an early lead to keep the pressure on Mark. This game should be great.

(3) Sand Storm (3-0) vs. (6) Sparrows (1-2)
Another interesting matchup. Without a doubt, the Sand Storm are the hottest team in the league right now. After coming off of his most important win in franchise history, this Sand Storm team has a legitimate chance at picking up their first playoff win and possibly getting to the BFL Bowl. Unfortunately for Charlie, he will be playing the defending BFL Bowl champion Sparrows in the first round. Dispute a 1-2 record, the Sparrowísí two loses came at the hands of the Warriors and Falcons, two of the toughest teams in the league. And come playoff time, the Sparrows have only lost two times all time. Kenís has the height and speed advantage but Charlie has the momentum and can grind out some great drives. This is only their second meeting, and it will be one for the ages.

The Forgotten. Whose out?
Firstly, we begin with the Warriors. The Warriors, who have clinched a playoff spot, appear to be the best team in the league. But Steve will not be entering the BFL playoffs due to a scheduling conflict. So here is the first team that is out! Despite a 3-0 record, Steve will have to wait until next season for a chance the BFL crown.

The Black Knights. John has not played Black Knight football this season. Unfortunately, John played 3 of his worst games ever in losses to the Warriors, Gamblers, and Sand Storm. While Johnís did have play three teams that went 3-0, John didnít look too sharp in any of the games. Falling behind by a lot of points in the first half in all three.

The Dragons and Produce. These are two teams that only played 1 game a piece. The Dragons who went 3-0 and advanced to the semi finals last year, had a great chance to get into the post season once again but forfeited 2 games. Richís desire to play in the BFL seems to be questionable at best. As for Chris, after playing solid against the Melody, Chris ran into 2 forfeits due to freak cancellations. His car broke down once, and his hands were burnt on another.
With a solid 2007 regular season, we can all look forward to a great post season and a great wrap up of the BFL playoffs!








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