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7 - Uttar Kaand

Sarg 17-18

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Sarg 17 - Raavan Gets Vedvatee's Shaap

Agastya Muni further said - "Hey Raam, Thus wandering around, Raavan came to the forest of Himaalaya. There he saw a very beautiful graceful girl [doing Tap]. A desire to have her rose in Raavan's heart and he said to her - "Hey Bhadrey (lady), You are young, so you should enjoy life, why are you doing Tap? O beautiful, You should be the wife of somebody and enjoy. Who are you? Whose daughter are you? Whoever will get you being your husband, he will be blessed."

Hearing this that girl said - "I am the daughter of Maharshi Kushdhwaj. Even Devtaa, Gandharv, Kinnar, Naag, Yaksh all came to me with the desire to marry me, but my father's wish was that I should be married to Vishnu. When Dambhu named  Daitya got this news then he got very angry and he killed my father in sleep. My mother burned herself. To fulfill my father's wish I do Tap here in this lonely Van so that Bhagvaan Vishnu takes me as His wife."

Hearing this, mad with desire, Raavan came down of his Pushpak Vimaan and said - "O beautiful, You should not do Tapasyaa. That Vishnu, who you are admiring so much, cannot be even comparable to me in glory and power, so now you become my wife and enjoy the life. My name is Dashgreev and all Devtaa, along with Vishnu are scared of me. Therefore you leave Vishnu and come with me to enjoy." Hearing this Vedvatee said - "Raavan, It is not good to say like this about Him. Vishnu Bhagvaan is the Swaamee of Trilok and all worship Him."

Raavan held her hair, Vedvatee got angry and she freed her hair cutting her hair from her sword-like hands, and said - "O evil soul, You should be cursed, but this will destroy my Tapasyaa, that is why I wouldn't curse you, but you have insulted me, so I will enter Agni and take a vow that I will born again and will be the cause of your death." After saying this Vedvatee produced Agni with the power of her Tap and burned herself in it.

So Hey Raam, The same Vedvatee is Janak's daughter Seetaa who destroyed Raavan through you. Born from the plough-tilled land, this Seetaa was known as Vedvatee in Sat Yug.

Sarg 18 - Raavan Defeats Raajaa Marut

Agastya Muni further said - "Hey Raam, When Vedvatee burned herself, Raavan came to Usheerbeej country. Raajaa Marut was doing Yagya there with Devtaa. Brahmarshi Samvart was administering the Yagya. Seeing Raavan there Devtaa immediately changed into Tiryak Yoni (animals species). Indra, Dharm Raaj, Kuber and Varun changed themselves to peacock, crow, chameleon and swan. 

Raavan said to Marut in Yagyashaalaa (where Yagya was taking place) - "Either you accept your defeat or fight with me." Marut asked - "But who are you?" Raavan said - "Don't you know me? I am Kuber's younger brother. Trilok trembles from my name. I have got this Vimaan after winning Kuber." Marut asked - "Do you think that you have done a good thing to win your elder brother? Remember, nobody gets admiration doing A-Dharm. Well, you stand here, you will not be able to go alive from here. You will get the result of A-Dharm."

After having said thus, when Marut got ready to fight, then Samvart Muni said affectionately - "Hey Raajan, You are doing Maheshwar Yagya. It is not proper to fight at this time. Who has been initiated into Yagya, he should not be angry and he should not fight. Besides Raavan is very mighty. It is impossible to win him in war. Obeying Muni, Marut kept his bow and arrow and started doing his Yagya. At that time Shuk said happily - "Raavan has won." So Hey Raam, When Raakshas couldn't quench their thirst with the blood of Rishi present there, they proceeded on their way.

After they left, Devtaa came into their own form. Indra pleased with peacock gave it a Var - "Now you will not have any fear from snakes and your back wings which are only blue till now, will have thousands of eyes form now on and you will be very happy to see rains." Dharm Raaj said to crow - "I, pleased with you, give this Var to you that you will never suffer from any disease and you will never have any fear from death until somebody kills you for the purpose to feed their dead, and then only those dead will be satisfied."

Varun said to swan - "From today your body's beauty will be very attractive. Your color will be as white as moon. You will always be happy and this will be the mark of our happiness." Hey Raghu Nandan (son of Raghu), Before swan's wings were blue and the lower part was of greenish color. In the end Kuber said to chameleon - "I give you golden color. This will be the mark of our happiness. Your head will always shine like gold." Thus after giving Var to different birds all Devtaa went to their Lok.






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