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The members of this web ring are firm believers in their right to privacy. We do not wish to be bothered by junkmail every single day when we open our mail. This is a burden to us as well as the mail servers that process the millions of spam mail that's sent every day. As a group we feel that we can help to bring an end to this plague we're all suffering through. By taking steps to stamp out these pests, we hope to diminish the spammer population and make the Internet a pleasant place to be once again.

We actively make "kills" (having spammers' email accounts disabled) daily as well as help to spread the word to other victims of this abuse. We also support the passage of the "Netizens Protection Act of 1997", which is designed to "ban the transmission of unsolicited advertisements by electronic mail, and to require that sender identification information be included with electronic mail messages."

If you're interested in finding out more about us or joining our web ring please email me or another ring member and we'll be happy to email you. In order to join the ring you must have a site with anti-spam content, however it does not have to be devoted to this subject. Just fill out the form below copy and paste the ring code onto your page . The more of "us" there are, the better our chance of ridding ourselves of "them". :-)

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