"Oh Canada"


Brian and Bunny
photograph provided by Brian. Ask him who took it.


This is Brian, who only rarely refers to himself in the third person. He's a fourth year English student at the University of Calgary, and gets touchy when asked what he'll do after that. He's putting the final touches on his first novel, _Ankle Deep in Gasoline_, which will surely become a title on the lips of the entire civilized world (I certainly hope). He plays guitar and piano, and was only once successfully conned into singing. He managed to convince his kindergarten teacher for half a year that his name was Luke (as in Skywalker, of course). He loves rabbits, dogs, and has amazed himself by finding much to love in cats as well. He loved snakes until 1992, and isn't sure why since then he's become increasingly creeped out by them. He loves movies (and isn't too proud to admit that he loves mostly horror/sci-fi/action, "guy" stuff, if you will, but _The Truth About Cats And Dogs_ has a proud place amongst his collection), loves music (whod'a thunk it - a metalhead who loves Tori Amos, the Barenaked Ladies, and all sorts of film scores), and invented the word "protoromantic".


This is Bun. Yes, it's not very original, but his original name was Phoebe until he was about two months old and his caretakers noticed testicles. Bun is a weird mix of very shy and very brave - almost always running away when approached, but perfectly willing to hop right on you on his own terms. He likes the standard rabbit stuff, along with bananas, apples, pop-tarts, fig leaves, and the salts & oils on people's noses. Unfortunately, he also seems to have a taste for carpet, which his caretakers try to discourage. He won't even look at linoleum. The only audible noise he makes is a grunt when he "charges" somebody (usually for trying to take one of his toys away). Just as he learned how to climb stairs, he moved with Brian into an apartment. And the little guy doesn't have to cough up a cent for rent.

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