Why anyone would really want to know about me is a mystery. But here goes anyway. My nickname is Krazykat (or sometimes Brak). You'll find a picture of me at the bottom of this page. My mother's family has been in this area since the 1800's, so we obviously like it around here a lot! I have a son and a daughter.

I've been an Amateur Radio Operator (extra class) since 1979. I'm also a drummer, and have a Premier drumkit with a Sapphire laquered finish, and Zildjian cymbals. I'm also the proud owner of a vintage Slingerland 3 piece, from the early 60's.Other instruments owned and played (with varying degrees of skill) are a purple Fender American Strat, Seagull acoustic guitar and a trombone. My latest aquisition is an old Holton Al Hirt Special trumpet. I'm attempting to learn to play an old metal clarinet but it isn't going too awfully well. My daughter hasn't let me live down the fact that I tend to put the mouthpiece on upside down. But hey, I'm a long time brass player and this woodwind stuff is new to me! This is a noisy house to say the least.

Other hobbies and pastimes include drawing (check out Foo Foo's Page O' Stuff), collecting armadillo figures, toy/model VW Bugs and other diecast vehicles, comic books, action figures, GI Joe, and whatever else catches my eye. I like to read a lot; everything from Steinbeck to the latest issue of a Catwoman comic book. A few of my favorite authors are Don Coldsmith, Arthur C. Clarke, Agatha Christie, Louis Lamour, Terry C. Johnston, Douglas Adams, Chaim Potok, Willa Cather and Henry Kuttner.

My son enjoys martial arts, anime and he's an all-around nice guy. He was in the percussion section in the high school band, and also plays drumset and guitar. His interests are pretty typical of most guys, and he's also an Amateur Radio Operator . He collects cows and cow related items and anything to do with Chevy Camaros. He now has a wife too, named Sasha.

His sister earned a degree in music education at ASU. She plays alto saxophone. She's concerned with the same things most single gals are: her hair, guys, clothes, guys, makeup, guys, and music. Talking is one of her main hobbies. In spite of that she's a pretty nice gal. She collects cat stuff, and has a couple of guinea pigs, a hamster and an elderly mouse. We do have a thing about our furry friends, don't we? .

And speaking of cats, my mom lives right down the road from here. She has several cats and it's a real riot when feeding time rolls around. Their names are: Muffin, Patches , Phantom, Yowlie and Buster. Visit the Kit Kat Club and meet some of our furry friends.

We live on a rural route. It's an unpaved county road and there are so many ridges and potholes that it makes driving an adventure. But there are advantages to living out here too. We regularly see deer in our yard, sometimes as many as 8 of them, maybe more. They're pretty to look at but can be pests, as their favorite snack seems to be rosebuds and whatever folks have growing in their gardens. And there are plenty of birds, squirrel, rabbits and other assorted wildlife too.

field This is our next door neighbor's field.

That should be enough about me and my kids, especially since there's not much else to say! This is the first web page I've ever done and hope you enjoy it.

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