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You have just entered Ravenden, Arkansas, population 330. It's located off highway 63 in Lawrence County and surrounded by the foothills of the beautiful Ozark mountains. The town was established in 1883 and was originally known as Ravenden Junction. The mayor is Larry Gibbens, who also owns and operates Gibben's Service Station. If you're hungry you can eat at The Ravenden Snack Shack, The Ravenden Cafe, Spring River Outpost, or Cookie's One Stop (where you can also fill your car's gas tank). You'll find a nice selection of items and friendly service at Ravenden Grocery. Need a place to stay? Try the River Queen Motel. If things get really bad, then call Dail's Body Shop and Wrecker service. Looking for some western clothing or boots? Try The Boot Center. And I have to mention Spring River LP Gas since it's owned and operated by my cousin. Oh, and of course our most famous item is the mystical raven statue!

There's now a picture of our raven statue, along with the "Saga of the Roasted Raven", who, like the phoenix of mythology arose from its own ashes twice! There's also a short history and a bit more info about Ravenden, plus lots of links, and the Al Hirt Page! Visit the Kit Kat Club, which has pictures and stories of lots of cats or for silly fun try Foo Foo's Flophouse. Just click on the icon below for where you want to go. Our newest feature is the Cool Jazz Diner, with some jazz midis for your listening pleasure. It's so new, it isn't on the menu box yet, look for the link down by Dexter (the cartoon boy).

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