Dusty This is Dusty. She was very pregnant when this picture was taken, and looked pretty disgusted about the whole thing. It would be her third (and last) litter.

Dusty wandered up to my mom's house one day and became the 4th cat to join the family. She was fairly young but we don't know how old she was at the time. She wasn't the prettiest cat in the world, at that time she was much darker colored but had such a nice personality she was hard to resist. Her coloring got lighter as she got older and by the time this photo was taken she had grown to be quite attractive.

She had a very expressive little face and was a good mama. In all, she was the mother of 11 kittens (survivors). She and Fluffy were very devoted to each other. They were the Romeo and Juliet of the cat world. They spent a great deal of time in each other's company, sitting toether or rubbing heads. One day a woman told mom that she thought she hit a cat, but mom never thought about it being Dusty until the cat didn't come in for supper that afternoon. We walked all up and down the road calling and looking for her for a long time, but were unsuccessful. We never saw her again. She left behind a very distaught Fluffy and four, 8 week old kittens.

Dusty's first litter - Bandit, Smokey and Rebel

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