This is the homely cat with an unusual name (for a cat). As cats are wont to do, Dusty had her 3rd litter in some hidden place known only to her. But one Sunday, my mom noticed Dusty in the backyard by an old wooden barrel. She went out and looked down inside the barrel and saw 4 tiny kittens! My aunt was visiting mom and came out to see what the fuss was all about. There was one kitten who had a butterscotch colored smudge on its head and my aunt made a big fuss over the kitten. She was really enchanted by it. When the time came to name the kittens, we thought of that incident and the kitten with the colored patch on her head was named after my aunt Eunice.

Now this cat may not be pretty, but she has a sweet personality to make up for it. She's a rather quiet sort, not nearly as vocal as sister Spot or brother Joe. She always looks very solemn, like she's pondering the mysteries of the universe.

A funny thing about the kittens in the barrel incident is, it was obvious that Dusty had brought her little family there so we could see them. How do I know this? Because by that evening they were gone from the barrel and back to a hidden spot known only to Dusty. A couple of weeks later, they came back up to the house on their own, with mama in the lead.

Eunice is sort of a picky eater like her big brother Smokey but she does like a bit of bagel every now and then.

June 13, 1998: Very sad news to report, our sweet little girl Eunice was struck and killed by a vehicle. We buried her and put some nice flowers on her grave. She was such a nice cat it's hard to know that we won't have her cuddle up on our laps any more. I am going to leave her page here, just as it is because she will always live on in our memories. And this way, others can know what a wonderful pet she was and how much we loved her.

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