Fluffy"This is Fluffy. He showed up at my mom's house a few days afer Taffy. We don't know where he came from or why he seemed to be homeless but he was a fairly young fellow when he chose my mom as his human. He's very protective of Taffy and is often seen sitting a short distance from her. He mated with Dusty, another young stray and was very devoted to her. It was quite touching really and was so sad to see him when she was hit by a car and killed (or that's what we think happened). He looked so lost and forlorn it made us want to cry.

He was also a very good father, and protective of his sons and daughters. He was never "mean" to them the way some toms are to kittens. When Bluey first worked up the courage to come and try to steal some food, all of the other cats hissed and spat at her. But not Fluffy, he stood there and let the tiny starving kitten eat his food. He fathered 3 sons, all yellow striped fellows: Rebel, Peanut and Little Joe. We suspect he's also the father of Muffin, and was probably the father of some of the other kittens but we're not sure. His favorite snacks are pork rinds and corn on the cob.

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