This is baby Muffin at the age of 8 months. She's a beauty! Actually, she started out named Hoss because she was so much bigger than the other kittens. She's still bigger than the other 3, even taking all of that fur into account.

When Muffin opens her mouth, a very soft little squeak comes out instead of a meow. In fact, sometimes it's so soft that all you see is her mouth open with no apparent sound.

Her favorite activity is sitting under a cedar tree hoping to catch a bird. Sometimes she sits directly under a bird feeder, reasoning perhaps that if one lands there she can jump 6 feet in the air and grab it. So far she has not caught a bird this way.

Muffin is a sweet and gentle cat, but fickle. Unlike sister Spot or brother Little Joe, she's a love-bug one time and unwilling to cuddle the next. I will say she seems to have a special bond with Little Joe. In this picture I'm not sure if he's telling her a secret, or giving her a kiss

Muffin and Joe

When it comes to playtime, Muffin loves to knock over soda bottles. And she gets a little confused about her identity at times. Mom had a box of dog biscuits (why, is another story entirely) and Muffin got into it and helped herself to one. She was trying to eat it when Mom walked in and took it away from her.

Muffin is my little trucking buddy. Unlike most cats, or at least any cat I've ever had, she loves to ride with me in my truck. When she sees me headed that way she runs ahead and waits for me to open the door. Then she hops in and we go for a ride. She especially likes to stretch up and look out the window as we're cruising down the road.

Her favorite snacks are popcorn and potato chips.

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