This story begins in 1991, when the Ravenden Volunteer Fire Department built the first raven statue,as a symbol of the town. It was constructed of fiberglass and stood alonside Highway 63, for all to see. The town and area residents came to think of the raven as their mascot. The big black bird stood there proudly until one day late last year when vandals destroyed it by fire.

Area residents were outraged at this and rallied to the cause by contributing money for a new fiberglass statue to be built. Once again the raven stood its silent vigil alongside the highway and everyone was happy. But alas, about 2 weeks after completion, this bird too was roasted.

You might think by this time the people would give up in disgust and say nevermore, but not the residents of the Ravenden area. This time, in addition to collecting money at area businesses, a benefit was held at the community building, with food, games, music and an auction. A truck driver who had grown to enjoy seeing the raven on his runs through the area, collected over $100 at a truck stop in Missouri from other truckers who wanted the raven to continue greeting them too. A third statue was built, this time constructed of a fireproof material.

An interesting fact, which I just recently learned, is that our raven is the only statue in the entire county! That's quite a feat for a small town like Ravenden, and I think we have reason to be pretty proud of it. This picture is of the newest raven, taken on March 24, 1997.

raven statue
The Ravenden raven, standing its silent vigil alongside Highway 63.

Hopefully this bird will have a long life and not become a target for vandals again. If you ever pass through this area, be sure to keep an eye out for our mystical raven.

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