Meet Smokey, one of the original 3 kittens born to Dusty. My mom had named his tri-color sister Bandit because she looked like she was wearing a mask. So, it was decided that the little black fellow should be named Smokey - which made for Smokey and the Bandit. He and Rebel were brothers, and their personalities were quite different. While Rebel was on the go every waking minute, Smokey was on the quiet side.

Smokey is a gentle fellow in spite of his size. Last time we weighed him he was over 12 pounds, and has grown since then. Even though he looks like a sleek black panther, he has the heart of a kitten. He's a real cuddler, and even though he's so big it's hard to find a lap he can fit on, he tries anyway. We've nicknamed him Romeo! He's very vocal, and has one of the most expressive set of "meows" I've ever heard.

Baby Smokey in a basket, playing with sister Bandit and brother Rebel.

He's a rather picky eater. Unlike the other cats who love things such as pork rinds and bagels Smokey prefers regular cat food. And he'd eat every 10 miutes if he could, he always seems to be hungry.

When he was a little fellow, just starting to eat regular food, he had a funny habit. As soon as my mom called the cats and they'd all go running for the food dishes, little Smokey would almost always run out in the yard and "use the litter box"! He outgrew this though, perhaps he finally figured out that coming in a few minues late gave the others a chance to eat his food!

This summer (1997), Smokey had an accident of some kind. We don't know what happened, perhaps he was hit by a car. At any rate, he was in pretty sad shape for a while. Whatever hurt him, caused him to lose about 2 or 3 inches of his beautiful tail. He has recovered fully now, but does look rather strange with his short tail.

May 29, 1999 - It is with much sadness that I report Smokey was hit and killed by a car some time this morning. We will miss his loving nature and his expressive meows very much. He is now at rest next to his sisters Bandit and Eunice.

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