Does this fellow remind you of the cat on the Tidy Cat bag (or jug)? He did us, that's how he got his name. T.C. was the 3rd stray that made their way to my mom's house. She wasn' t too happy about yet another cat showing up, but was too kind-hearted to turn a hungry animal away. She claimed she wasn'y going to keep feeding him but of course before long, he was a member of her growing feline family.

He likes to be petted but is not a cuddle cat. He's the father of Smokey and maybe Bandit from the first litter. He also sired Possum Baby, Grizzle Bear and Sooty. How did we know? They were all long haired black cats with that trademark white ruff on their chest. We don't know which kittens he's the father of in the last litter. It's probable that he's the dad of Eunice and maybe Spot.

Like Fluffy, he seems to be Taffy's guardian and protector. Evidently they both sense that she's old and blind and might need a helping paw at times. T.C.'s favorite place to be is the old barnyard, and inside the barn when the weather is bad. His favorite snack is pork rinds, and like the others he loves to eat corn on the cob. (or what's left of it when we humans are done with it).

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