You can't tell from the picture, but this kitten had the longest whiskers we'd ever seen on a cat. She was a gorgeous little thing, tiny and very delicate. We're pretty sure she had been severely neglected from the way she acted and looked. Perhaps malnutrition had stunted her growth, or it was common to her breed, but she weighed practically nothing. Her tail was multicolored but the rest of her was white. This little sweetheart wandered into my mom's yard one day and was obviously starving. We gave her some food and she wolfed it down. She begged for attention, which we were more than glad to give and she was delighted to receive. The next day a woman from down the road came and asked to use the telephone. She had her little girl with her (around 3 or 4 years old) and as soon as they saw the white kitten, the woman said it belonged to them. The kitten seemed to be afraid of them but we couldn't very well refuse to let them take it. The little girl grabbed the kitten by its head and off they went. We weren't too happy with the treatment and wished they hadn't seen the cat at all.

However, late the next afternoon the kitten showed up again and this time we decided we'd try to keep it, and not let it go back where it wasn't properly cared for. The woman and little girl never came back looking for it so we named the kitten Whiskers and she became a member of my mom's feline community. She was starved for attention and would climb up your leg until you picked her up and petted her. She was still pretty jumpy, and perhaps it was this fear that made the other cats dislike her. That, or Dusty felt she was a threat to her kittens. Whatever the case, poor Whiskers was not popular with her fellow cats. She spent a great deal of time sitting up in a tree to keep away from them because they chased her.

She was with my mom for about two months when one afternoon we came home from shopping and found poor Whiskers dead; the apparent victim of a dog. From the looks of it she had been trying to run towards a tree and safety, but didn't make it in time. We buried her alongside Bandit, who had suffered the same fate a year earlier.

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