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This is me...sassy, STRONG-willed, and Southern to the bone! My mama always told me to be a lady..... my daddy always said "Girl, Don't let anybody pass you!" I try to do both.....


  I am definitely a Steel Magnolia....Now, you may wonder exactly what this means. Well, within the magnolia's pristine white petals lays a thistle-like center, which creates a splendid contrast of delicate and rugged
..and that, my dear,
is a Steel Magnolia.

Southern Girls appreciate their natural assets:
Dewy skin
A winning smile
That unforgettable Southern drawl


Recently, I came across a saying that reflects how I try to live my life.... it spoke to me deeply, and I hope it also speaks to you:

"Live vivaciously, love deeply, pray fervantly, give with simplicity, serve with humilty, observe that meekness does not necessitate weakness.....fight with not revel in your failures nor play in your past.....overcome EVERY doubt... and NEVER settle for less than your best or compromise your principles for your pleasures."
by Rev. T.D. Jakes

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Well, now that I've "peaked" your interest a little ( I hope), please take a look at the rest of my pages! Also,I would like to invite you, in true Southern style. to come back and visit again! It's hard to "wear out your welcome" in the South! Please feel free to e-mail me!

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AOL Instant Messenger ID is MzHoney39
Yahoo pager ID is honeychile_39

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