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Welcome,one and all to the wild and wacky life of a mild mannered **FORMER AS OF MARCH 21, 2001** newspaper worker in the heart of the deep south . Read about that: here.(the insane asylum)

My wife(Mysteria) and I live an hour's drive from New Orleans and she MADE her living there as a working tourist-artist. We USED TO go there about every two weeks and stock several stores in the French Quarter with her ceramic work. But since that abomination of nature; KATRINA, our sales have dropped to zilch, nada, none. We live in a quiet neighborhood here in South West Mississippi.

IN YEARS PAST our dear departed friend named "Air2Go" called us up on the phone and chatted online and pestered us at times and even taught us how to use an airbrush. Air2go was Don Jones who lived across town from us and did air-brush work for a living. Don passed over into the after life in April of 1997 after a bout with heart trouble.He was our best friend since our moving here in 1987 from North East Mississippi and he will always be loved and remembered.

Our Dogs

There were two "Swamp Monsters" in our backyard. Misty and Gypsy; two of the best guard dogs in the world. Loyal only to myself and Mysteria. Their worst enemy was the hated UPS delivery truck that passes our house daily. The two swampers "chased" the truck by running across our back-yard as it passed by on the road out front. Gypsy passed away in 2002 and she is buried in our back yard. Misty lasted only a few more years before losing her to cancer and she is buried beside her lovin mom.

Around Halloween of 98, Mysteria went garage sale shopping one Saturday morning and ran across a lady trying to give away two dogs. She asked Myst if she was interested in 2 poodles! The poor things were being kept in a basement in the dark. So she rescued them from that ordeal. Needless to say, we both fell in love with the two Angels and in April of 99 they blessed us with a litter of pups. 3 of 4 did not survive but one survived..... POLY!

The picture of Poly was shot when he was 5 weeks old. When you see the picture of him you'll say,"Ain't he the cutest thing?"

I now have extra pages dedicated to :
Hot Stuff

Gypsy and Misty and Pepper are now in the afterlife along with Skipper so please check out these pages in memory and honor of these canine family members.

Pepper left this earthly existence on December 28, 2000.

In 2005 a worker at my vet's kennel couldn't keep housing a precious little angel named NOODLE.(Noodle's Page)

I like to both hear and tell jokes .............
Speaking of JOKES .........................

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The Adopted boy

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This Native American closing prayer
is from my Potawatomi good friend
who now resides in Texas
- Touch The Sky..........

<<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>>
Until We meet again may the Great Spirit
Make Sun Rise in your Heart,
And your Moccasins make Tracks
In many Snows yet to Come.
<<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>> <<>>

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