The Stallings Report

The Stallings Family Record

Nicholas Stallings

Nansemond County, Virginia


1. Nicholas Stallings, b. ca. 1620, Middlesex, England, was first reported in James City Co., Va., Nov. 5 1635 when he was imported, along with 23 others, by William Swan: on Mar. 1, 1638/9, Thomas Swan named Nicholas Stallings in re-patenting the land of his father, the late William Swan ("Cavaliers & Pioneers" by Nell N. Nugent, 1934, Richmond, Va., p. 32) Feb. 13, 1655, William Wright imported Nicholas Stallings and his wife, not named, to Nansemond Co., Va., (Nugent, p. 324); Stallings may have been one of the many unrecorded early settlers in what is now North Carolina, for on April 1, 1663, George Catchmaid patented a large tract on the Perquimans River and listed Nicholas Stallings as one of the headrights (Nugent); the early records of Nansemond Co., Va., were destroyed by fire and the Stallings line can be deduced only from other records (Nugent, p. 501): Nicholas Stallings was named as an heir in the will of Edward Norecroft, a Virginia Merchant, which was probated in London, England, Dec, 16, 1638: he witnessed that will: Nicholas Stallings’ wife’s name has not been ascertained at this time, nor has his death date been proved.
Among possibly others, his children were:

    2. Nicholas Stallings Jr.
    3. John Stallings.
    4. Elias Stallings.

2. Nicholas Stallings, Jr.: Son of Nicholas Stallings, Sr.(1), born ca. 1656 in Nansemond Co., Virginia. He married Ann Rountree, the daughter of Moses Rountree, who named her in his will dated July 21, 1755.

Deed Book B. No.1 shows Deed No. 813, Pg. 255:
Nicholas Stallings of upper parish of Nansemond in Virginia and Ann his wife to Joseph Wright - 12 April 1716 for
7000 pounds of good Tobacco for 50 acres lying between William Roundtree and John Hinton, John Stallings, Wit.

Deed No. 815, Pg. 259
17 April 1716, Nicholas Stallings of Parish of Nansemond Co., to John Hinton, 3000 pounds of Tobacco for 125 acres on the south side of Bennett’s Creek, part of a greater tract conveyed to Nicholas Stallings by John Odeham in 1700.

"English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records" in a "Compleat List of the Rent Roll of the land in Nansemond County in Anno 1704" shows Nicholas with 965 Acres of land.
The children of Nicholas, Jr. and Ann Rountree:

    5. Joseph Stallings
    6. Susannah Stallings
    7. Nicholas Stallings, III
    8. Elias Stallings, II

3. John Stallings: Son of Nicholas Stallings, Sr. (1), born 1658, Nansemond, Virginia. ("English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records" shows a John Stallings on the rent roll of Nansemond County with 250 acres.) No other information. Marriage unknown.
The children of John Stallings are:

    9. Richard Stallings
    10. Elizabeth Stallings
    11. John Stallings, Jr.

9. Richard Stallings: son on John Stallings, Sr., born Nansemond Co., Virginia. Richard Stallings shows on Rent Roll Nansemond Co., Va. 1704, He bought land in Chowan County, North Carolina Aug. 7, 1756 Marriage unknown.
The children of Richard Stallings are:

    12. Lott Stallings
    13. Christain Stallings
    14. George Stallings
    15. John Stallings
    16. Gregory Stallings

There were other children.

16. Gregory Stallings: Son of Richard Stallings, gr. son of John Sr. Gregory Stallings was appointed Constable of Chown Co., N. C. In 1730 He received 326 acres from the Earl of Granville. March 25, 1749. Gregory sold land in Chown Co., N. C. He deeded land to his son in Edgecombe Co., N. C., Oct. 13, 1768: invt. By John O’Neal, Edgecombe Co., N. C., Feb. 5, 1790. The date of birth for Gregory Stallings has not been determined, nor as the name of his wife.

Gregory had the following children:

    17. Gregory Stallings, Jr.
    18. John Stallings
    19. James Stallings

18. John Stallings: Son of Gregory Stallings, Sr. born Edgecombe Co., N. C., married Juda, last name unknown abt. 1727 in Edgecombe Co. He patented land April 17, 1753, Deed Book 3, page 472. He made his will in Edgecombe Co., N. C., Dec. 31, 1779, probated Aug 1780.
John and Juda had the following children:

    20. Simon Stallings
    21. Willis Stallings
    22. John Stallings

21. Willis Stallings: son of John, Sr., born abt. 1745 in Edgecombe Co., N. C. Inventory, Edgecombe Co., N. C., Feb. Ct 1804—Aug. Ct 1805: Married Delilah Whitley who moved to Smith Co., Tennessee with her children in 1805.
Delilah’s will was was probated in Smith Co., TN. Sept. 1812.
Willis and Delilah had the following children:

    23. Ann Stallings: b ca. 1771, Edgecombe Co., N. C., m. Jonas Whitley
    24. Mills b. ca. 1773, Edgecombe Co., N.C m. Charity
    25. Thomas F. Stallings: b. ca 1775, Edgecombe Co., N. C., Lived in Haywood Co., Tenn.
    26. Elizabeth Stallings: b. ca. 1777, m. Abraham Jones
    27. Temperance Stallings: b. ca. 1779, Edgecombe Co., N. C., m. ________ Whitley
    28. Milly Stallings: b. ca. 1781, m. John Lynch, Jan. 1, 1801
    29. _____ Stallings:
    30. Delilah Stallings:
    31. John Stallings: b. ca. 1788, Edgecombe Co., N. C.
    32. Willis Stallings: b. ca. 1800, m. Jane Law b. ca. 1803, moved to Macon Co., Il.

24. Mills Stallings: son of Willis and Delilah. Born ca. 1773 in Edgecombe Co., N. C. Mills Stallings is shown on the 1790 North Carolina Census Edenton District, Chowan County. He died before March 1, 1819 in Smith Co., TN.

Will of Mills Stallings

In the name of God, Amen. I, Mills Stallings of the County of Smith and State of Tennessee do this day 5th day of Novenber 1818, Make and publish this my last Will and Testament in the manner that is to say.

First: I give and bequeath to my wife Charity Stallings the tract of land containing 100 acres more or less to have and to hold in peaceable possession during her widowhood, after that to my son, James Stallings, and the rest of the property after paying all my just debts to be equally divided among the rest of the children which if found not sufficient for the support of the two youngest, they shall draw their support from the tract of land until they arrive at the age of fifteen years.

The children of Mill and Charity were:

    33. James Owen Stallings: b. ca. 1804 Tenn. m. Matilda Fultz
    34. Henry Stallings: Never married

33. James Owen Stallings: son of Mills and Charity, born ca. 1804 Smith Co., TN.
Married before 1830 Matilda Fultz born ca. 1812 in Tennessee. James and his family show on the 1850 Smith Co. Tennessee Census.
The children of James and Matilda are as follows:

    35. Mills Josiah Stallings: b. ca. 1830 in Tennessee. Married Elizabeth Beasley, b. ca. 1832
    36. Sarah Ann Stallings: b. ca. 1832, never married.
    37. John Stallings: b. ca. 1834 in Smith Co., TN. Married Sarah (Sallie) E. (Hale) Wooten
    38. William Stallings: b. abt. 1835, m. Saline or Selena Whitley
    39. Elizabeth Stallings: b. abt. 1837, m. Poney Whitlock—Baptist Minister
    40. James Owen Stallings Jr.: b. abt.. 1839, married Elizabeth born ca. 1848
    41. Matilda Green Stallings: b. abt. 1841, never married
    42. William Thomas Stallings: b. abt. 1843, married (1)Tranquilla Jane Hunt:(2)Mary Paty
    43. Martha Stallings: b. abt. 1845, m. ______ Gibbs
    44. Elijah Stallings: b. abt. 1847, m. (1) Amanda Wilkinson: (2) Bettie Hale
    45. Delana Tennessee Stallings: b. abt 1851, married Bug Hunt

37. John Stallings: Son of James O. and Matilda (Fultz) Stallings, Sr. was born ca 1834 in Smith Co., TN. He married, Sarah (Sallie) E. (Hale) Wooten. John Stallings was reported to have drowned in the Cumberland River. Sarah Stallings moved to Albany, Bryan Co., OK. With her son John B. Stallings. The 1910 Bryan Co. OK. Census shows Sarah to be 68 years old.
John and Sarah had the following children:

    46. Orville Wooten: Step-son
    47. Leene N. Wooten: Step-son
    48. John Benton Stallings: b. 14 Sep 1857, Hogan’s Bluff, Smith Co., TN.
    49. Melton Stallings:

48. John Benton (Red John) Stallings: Son of John and Sallie (Hale/Wooten) Stallings, was born 14 Sep 1857 in Hogans’s Bluff, Smith Co., TN. He married Emily Christiana (Ligon) Lester, the daughter of Thomas Prowell Ligon and Mary Hammock Bains. Emily was born 15 Nov 1863 in Hogan’s Bluff, Smith Co., TN. Emily was the widow of D. R.(Dan) Lester. John B. Stallings is shown on the 1920 US Census for Bryan Co. Oklahoma, Albany, Township. He is listed as Head of Household, 62 years of age. Wife is Emma Stallings 53 years of age. daughter Ruby Stallings, 19 Years of age.
John Benton and Emily Stallings had the following children:

    50. Robert Stallings, died young
    51. Lillie Stallings m. Grover Hight
    52. Johnny W. Stallings b. 12 Jul 1895 in Albany, OK. Died 8 May 1974 and is buried in the Albany Cemetery.
    53. Thomas Milton Stallings (Doc) b. 24 Feb 1989. Died 9 Aug 1967 and is buried in the Albany Cemetery, Albany OK.
    54. Ruby Elizabeth Stallings: b. 14 Oct 1900 in Albany, Bryan Co., OK. died 3 Jan 1953 in Dallas, TX. and is
    buried in the Highland Cemetery, Durant, OK.
    Ruby married Charles Wesley Connelly


From "The Stallings Family Record", Sect. III, Nicholas, pages 120-454
By James Henry Stallings

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