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Yahoo Geocities felt a need to remove them self's from the Community Leader program. Which means the Community Leaders are no longer in the eyes of Geocities. But we as a Group will not! allow Yahoo Geocities determin our future. We will keep on being Community Leaders for the BourbonStreet Neighborhood. We are here to assist you in any way we can with questions or help on building your page. WE will keep on having contest and we will provide awards to thoese sites with in BourbonStreet that stand out.

We are redesigning our goals and will be redesigning our site to match our new comitment to the BourbonStreet Neighborhood. We will also be developing a program that will not only provide you with assistance but will also provide you with Help pages on how to do the differnt things with HTML and Graphics. We as a Group are commited to your success in the BourbonStreet Neighborhood.

The New Community Leaders of BourbonStreet

I Am sure you may be asking your self what is Webspinners Wisdom. Well as you may know Geocities has stopped supporting the Community Leader Program for some time.

So the BourbonStreet Community Leaders pulled together to develop our Own site on the internet. This has beeen in the works for some time. Their were 4 of us that first started the development. Mozart who was a community leader on BourbonStreet work hard with us to design the concept of the WebSpinners Wisdom Idea. And sadly to all of us he passed away before he could see his Ideas and dreams come to reality.

So we have designed and have our site hosted out on the net at Radaka Hosting service in memory of Mozart we have Registered our domain name. It is the site is still being worked on we are putting the HTML Instruction pages together. So click on the Banner above and take a look around. If you would like to help we would be willing to talk. If you need help we are always willing to help you just need to ask.

The best part it is ALL FREE!!!!

We are so pleased to have you as a Bourbon Street neighbor, and we're all here to make sure that your experience here is a pleasant one! We aim to please, and we hope we can do that by getting you off to a great start. If you have any questions, that's just what we're here for. If we don't know, we'll find out for you. Take a minute to get to know us - below are our home pages and the ways to reach us.

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Bourbon Email CLGraphics, Banners, Animation, HTML, Page Design, ISP Configuration
Masterkey Email CLHTML, Design, Layout, FTP,
Graphics and some JavaScript
Mardigraslover Email CL HTML, Graphic Editing, General Help
Maggie Email CLGraphics, Design, simple HTML
and Creative Consulting
Poboys Email CLGraphics, Banners
Cin Email CL HTML, Design, Gayout
Jahasloth Email CL HTML, Banner Design
Mozart_2 Email CL WebTV Help, HTML
OPEN Email CL Want to be a CL??
Trombonegirl Email CL HTML, Geocities and Graphics
Sparxxed Email CL HTML, Geocities and Graphics
OPEN Email CL Apply to be a CL!
OPEN Email CL Want to be a CL??

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