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In 1706, the first member of the Bowie Family, John Bowie (1688-1759), emigrated to America from Scotland. He settled in the area that would eventually become the state of Maryland.
One of his grandchildren, James Bowie (1739-1797) moved to South Carolina, where his son Rezin Pleasant Bowie was born c. 1762.
Rezin Pleasant Bowie, who moved to Louisiana c. 1802, is the founder of the Louisiana branch of the family, which lived in the central portion of the state (Catahoula, Avoyelles, Terrebon & St. Landry Parishes).
Rezin Pleasant Bowie died in 1821 in Opelousas. His wife was Elve ap-Catesby Jones (d. 1838). Their children:

John Jones Bowie, b 1785, d 1859, lived in Arkansas as an adult.
Sarah Bowie, b 1787, m. Mr. Davis of Opelousas, LA. No surviving children.
Mary Bowie, b 1789, m. Abraham Bird of Missouri.
Martha Bowie, b 1791, m. James Nugent, 2nd Alexander B. Sterret, 1st settler of Shreveport, LA
Rezin Pleasant Bowie, Jr. (1793-1841) served in the War of 1812; State Rep. for Avoyelles Parish, LA. Died in New Orleans. Married Margaret Neville. Children:
. John Bowie, b 1814, d infancy
. Matilda Eleanor Bowie, b 1817, d 1892, m. Joseph Hickman Moore
. Seyborne Bowie, d at age three
. Martha Anidremella Bowie, died age 21
. ElveAnna Bowie, b 1820, d 1873 m 1841 John Yarlor Moore

David Bowie , b ?, d mid-1810s, drowned in the Mississippi River as a teen.

Col. James Bowie(1795-1836), named for his paternal grandfather, lived in Lousiana. Was state representative of Catahoula Parish in 1826. Some descendants claim James Bowie, fmc., born at Catahoula, moved to Avoyelles, LA ca 1860, is a mulatto descendant of Jim Bowie and forefather of this branch of Bowie family which still resides in Central Louisiana.Actually, James Bowie FMC was a different person. The James Bowie that moved to Avoyelles was the second son of James Bowie, FMC.[See "Notes on James Bowie, f.m.c." link below.]
Col. James Bowie married Ursula de Veremendi, daughter of a Mexican governer, in 1831. Two children were born to this union. His wife and two young children died in an 1832 cholera epidemic. Thus, there are no direct descendants of Col. James Bowie.
Col. James Bowie died in the defense of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas on March 6, 1836.

Stephen Bowie b 1797, d. 1833, m Mary Compton.
. Mary Anne or Marion Bowie, b 1825 m. Charles Leckie
. James Bowie, Jr. b ca 1828, m. Elizabeth Kirkland

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