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Biography Holycross:

The Holycross was idealized in the end of 2005 for the bassist Igor Charlles and the guitarist Diego Santiago. In the 2006 end the band can to leave the paper with the following formation: Fábio Leite in the rythm guitars, Aloysio Ventura (Synesthesia) in vocal and the Wallace B. in the drums. With the temporary exit of Diego Santiago, that was for the School of Sergeants of the Aeronautics, Aloysio Ventura passes to the lead guitars and for your place enters Wagner Martins. With this formation the band recorded the Holycross Demo Tapes and won 2th Festival Brazilian Urban Music. With the also temporary exit of Wagner Martins who was for the School of Sergeants of the Army, the band was devoid of a vocalist. Then for your place Klaus Razog (Black Sun Rise), with much ability enters. We count then on the return of Diego Santiago for the guitars. With a short while different style that the planned one for the band, Klaus Razog left the band, giving place to the guitarist Aloysio Ventura who comes back again toward the vocals of the band. Unfortunately for some problems, Wallace B. had to leave the band, giving rise to the excellent drummer Ryan Santos. Fabio Leite giving rise to rythm and lead guitarist Bruno Oliveira. This is the current line-up of the Holycross.

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