Huang Genealogy

Heping Branch

Descendants of Huang Qiaoshan of Shaowu, Fujian, China.


Origin of Chinese Surnames

Introduction to Chinese Genealogy


Origin of the Huang Surname

Preface to the Huang Clan Genealogy Bestowed By Emperor Taizong of Tang (AD 626-AD 649) added 22/01/2008

Family Genealogy updated 22/01/2008

Clan Rules

Biography of Huang Qiaoshan (AD 871-AD 953)  

Ancestral Poem

Ancestral Teachings

Generation Poem updated 12/09/2008

Map of the Migration Routes of the Huang Clan to South China

Famous Huangs- Past and Present updated 18/11/2008

Distribution of Huangs in China (in Chinese)


Huang Clan Associations Worldwide updated 30/07/2007

Huang Surname Research Society 黄氏研究会

Huang Qiaoshan's Descendants Association 邵武黄氏峭山公后裔联谊会

Root Searching Trip 2006 Photos
added 20/06/2008


Interesting Articles

The Royal We

Roots of Human Family Tree Are Shallow added 08/07/2006

Relative Values [English] [Chinese] added 02/08/2006


Huang Family Group at Facebook added 21/01/2008

OTHER LINKS updated 29/03/2008


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