Easter Eggs

AutoCAD 14 Easter Egg

In AutoCAD 14, click Help > About

Press Ctrl + Shift and click on the globe picture.

A photograph of the Autodesk programmer team along wth their names scrolling will appear.

AutoCAD 2000 Easter Egg

In AutoCAD 2000, click Format > Dimension Style

Press Ctrl + Shift and click in the empty space in the Preview of area.

A short animation will appear and from the menubar you can select to display a list of the programmers.

AutoCAD 14 + 2000 Easter Egg

In AutoCAD 14 or 2000, click File > Open

By default AutoCAD shows preview for only dwg files.

In the file name box, type *.*

AutoCAD will now list all files in the folder.

Select a bmp or wmf (Windows Metafile) file.

Viola ! AutoCAD will display a preview for bmp and wmf files too !!
AutoCAD LT Easter Egg

In AutoCAD LT, click Help > About

Double click the logo. Thats all

No doubt its called AutoCAD LT.
IntelliCAD Easter Egg

In IntelliCAD, click Help > About

Press Shift + Ctrl and click the IntelliCAD icon/logo.
CorelCAD Easter Egg

In CorelCAD, click Help > About

Press Ctrl + Shift and click the logo on the left hand side.

An air baloon will pop up. Right click for fireworks.
AutoCAD 2004 Easter Egg

In AutoCAD 2004, click Format > Color

Take the ACI tab in the Color Dialog.

Hold down the Ctrl key and double click color 152

Turn up the speakers on your computer.

Y key - Replays Cheers.
4 key Toggles through lighting volcano options.
ESC key - Exits the Window.
Enter key (or Spacebar) - Restarts the Credits.

Mouse options :

Left - 3D Orbit.
Middle - Pan.
Right - Zoomed Realtime.
AutoCAD 2005 Easter Egg

In AutoCAD 2005,

Open a drawing.

Launch the Layer Manager.

Keep Ctrl+Shift pressed and left click on Invert Filter located in the lower left of the dialog.

Express Viewer Easter Egg

This one is a very novel easter egg.

In Autodesk Express viewer, click Help > About

Press Ctrl + Shift and click the big rectangular picture.

If you are online, your are taken to a web page displaying Larry.

Move your mouse around Larry's head and finally click Ask Larry repeatedly for 5-6 times.

After a while, a message Ask again will appear. Click on larry's head and the team member names will start scrolling - very novel !

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