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Canadian Navy Of Yesterday and Today
The Last Corvette
Naval Musuem of Manitoba
The Canadian Navy
Shearwater Aviation Museum
HMCS Bonaventure
Flower Class Conversion to RCN
HMCS Huron DDE 216
Canadian Fleet Air Arm Archive
HMCS Bras'dor on display
HMCS Saguenay Artificial Reef"
Pat Burstall Prints
Ready...Aye Ready
Vancouver Port Visits
A Midshipmans War
Canadian Tribal Class Association
HMCS Haida Museum
RCN Benevolent Society
Canadian Medals Page
HMCS Prince Robert Memorial
Canada's Carriers
Mavericks Avro Arrow Page
The Titanic and Halifax
Royal Canadian Navy Drinks
Naval Officers Association of Canada
The Forgotten Fifty...HMCS Labrador
CFB Esquimalt Museum
HMCS Rainbow SS-75
Historic Naval Ships Association
Friends of the Canadian War Museum
HMCS Fraser DDH-233

Reference Site Directory

Seawaves Magazine
Council for Canadian Security
Canadian-American Strategic Review
Naval Technology
Vickers Photographic Archives.
Ton Class Minesweeper Association
Naval Warfare Simulations
Net Marine
U.S.Naval Institute
The Naval Register
USS Salem Shipbuilding Museum
Haze Gray and Underway
Danish Naval History
Dutch Submarines.Com
Italy's Submarines
Royal Navy News
HMS Fearless
HMS Cavalier
HMS Vindex
Flower Class Corvette Association
Forces Reunited
The Navy Memorial Foundation

My Favorite Links

Nautilus Hobbies
U.S.S. Preble DDG-46
Ice Breaker Almirante Irizar
Naval Dockyard Society
The Ship Modelling Page
London Livesights
USS Rudyerd Bay CVE-81 Site
Commonwealth Fleet Air Arm Site
Four Piper Destroyer Fellowship

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