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What is it?

Welcome! This is the homepage for the Science Olympiad WebRing. This ring was started on April 9, 1997, to allow for easy navigation of Science Olympiad web resources.

This ring contains official Science Olympiad sites, team homepages, and other Science Olympiad related sites, all linked together in a circular fashion. From any SciOlym WebRing site, one can click on a Next Site button to reach the next page in the ring. Continually doing so would eventually bring you back to where you started, after navigating the entire ring. One can also jump over the next site to the following page or get a list of the next five pages, allowing one to continue in the ring when a page or system is unreachable.

How to use the Science Olympiad WebRing

Using the ring is quite simple. Simply clicking on the "next" button (found on every page in the ring) will send you on to the next page in the ring. Joining the ring is also relatively simple!! If you have a Science Olympiad webpage, click here.
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