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"When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which You have set in place, what is Man that You are mindful of him?" -- Psalm 8:3,4

Comet Hyakatake

Dumbell Nebula

Rosette Nebula

Orion Nebula

Andromeda Galaxy

M13 Globular

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Astrophotography Primer- An easy to understand article introducing the concepts and procedures about getting started in film emulsion astrophotography.

Photos Made With My LX200-A collection of deep sky, planetary and lunar photos with descriptions of how each was made.

My Backyard Observatory- Photos of the observatory and comments about why I built it.

Tips And Suggestions On Building A Rolloff Roof Observatory- This page gives a general description of how it was built and could possibly give you workable ideas about your own observatory construction project.

Step by step CAD drawn construction plans available- . CLICK HERE

Common Astrophotography "Screw Ups" And Other Gremlins- Stupid things you can do to ruin a nights work.

What Kind of Scope Should I Buy?- Answers to basic questions about telescope types, focal lengths and mounting systems. A must read for anyone who is totally confused about which type of scope to consider.

About Me- The best part of this whole webpage and strangely the least visited.

Links To Other Astronomy Related Sites-Some of my favorite webpages to visit.

Retouching and enhancing photos in Adobe Photoshop-Page shows raw scan and final results of "repair" of badly scratched negetive and contrast and color enhancement actions.

CAD Drawings.-Not astronomy related but something to do in my spare time. All the images are color renderings of 3D drawings I made in TurboCAD versions 9.5 Pro., 10 Pro., 10.5 Pro., and 11 Pro . Hope you enjoy them!

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The question of the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence is often asked. My personal feelings are that the possibliity of life existing elsewhere in the universe is possible, and perhaps even likely. Whether or not there is any intelligent life in the universe is a much more difficult question in light of the way some things are going here on our home planet. My personal feelings are that mankind will likely never know with any certainty the answer to the question of extraterrestrial intelligence.

I do, however, try not to deny the possibility of anything being a reality. The "Search For Extraterestrial Intelligence at Home" (SETI) group at the University of California at Berkeley has organized a worldwide community of PC users who collectively share the computational power of their home computers to create one of the most powerful number crunchers in the world in their quest for extraterrestrial radio signals.

By downloading the SETI@home program, you too can join in the search. The program can be set to run as a screensaver when your PC is idle or it can be set as a screensaver that will run 100% of the time in the background if your processor and RAM are sufficient to allow it. If nothing else, the screensaver is fun and interesting to watch.

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