Who killed Yitzchak Rabin? - Book



The Book
We have recived this very interesting book and wish to share it with the public. The author of this book wishes to stay anonymous and we respect his wish. You are free to make copies of this book and destribute them in any form for no revenu. Any kind of financial use of this book rquiers writhe autorization from the writer.
You can establish contact with the writer trough this sites email adress. Write to us and we shall forward your mail.

You will need the Hebrew version of Word 6 to read this book. As for now, no transelation is available.

If you can give us any help in transelating this book to english please write to us.

The content of this book is totaly fiction. any similarity between the characters and living persons is accidental. The names have been taken from real pople wich does not make tha last remark any less stronger.

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