About Devon
Hi! I'm Sheri (Devon's Girlfriend).  I started a journal so that SOFA's and people in general can see what it is like living with, and being in a relationship with an FTM.  Also to help people have a better understanding.

I am a 20 somthing year old.  I have gotten to the age that I don't like to tell it to anybody anymore.  I am a paralegal in a family law office.  I really enjoy the wide varity of people that come to our office.  Never is any one day the same, Thank God. hehe.  I was born in Wheatridge, Colorado.  I have lived in Arizona, Colorado and Iowa.  I would not recommend Iowa unless you like to be bored and enjoy watching corn grow.   I have one sister and one brother.  My sister has two wonderful boys that I love dearly.  I have never had the joy of meeting my real father and am looking for him. 

I am a rather boring and weird person and have been told so by a few people.  I enjoy reading even if it is a shampoo bottle, stupid little facts (that I retain forever), computers, sewing when I have a place and chance to, cooking as long as I am told what to cook or know what I want, and believe it or not cleaning when I am bored or angry (I think my mom knew that when I was younger and angered me just so I would clean my room). 

If anybody has any questions they would like to ask me feel free to
email me.
Kids Pic's
This is what I looked like in my previous life