February 23, 2005

    I was very excited and nervous yesterday and this morning about my doctors appointment today.  I didnít get much sleep last nightÖ I just got back from my doctors appointment and I am VERY happy to say that I got my first shot of Testosterone!  YAY!  I am getting 100mg of Cypionate every week.
   I am so excited that all of the problems I have had in the past and all of the walls I had to hurdle or break down has finally paid off.  It feels so good to finally have testosterone running through my body like it should have been a long time ago.
   I have also sent in the paper work to change my name through the courts and am looking forward to getting that done.
It just feels so good to feel like I am moving forward in my transition now!

   I will be trying to add voice clips to this site for anybody that is interested, so be looking for those soon.  I will also see what I can do about some photos.  I donít have a digital cam, so I am not sure how that is going to work out yet.

   No matter how hard things may seem, no matter how many times you feel like somebody or something is stopping you from trying to do what you want to do in life NEVER give up!
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March 11, 2005

I would like to apologize to everybody for being a little late updating this.  A few things have been going on.  I have been on T for 17 days now.  I quit smoking 12 days ago and I seem to be doing really good with that.  As far as being on T I havenít noticed my voice change at all yet, but I have been told that it has changed a little.  I have felt absolutely relaxed since I have been on T even to the point that I feel stoned most of the time.  No, I donít smoke the shitÖ  It has been really awesome feeling so relaxed and calm though.  I had a really bad anger problem before starting T and worried that it would make it worse, but it has totally calmed me down.  I have only gotten angry once, but it wasnít anything near how I use to get.  The neighbor parked in my parking spot that I have parked in for the last like 6 months and just stared at me when I was trying to park where there was no room and so I backed into their car on purpose to make room.  HahaÖ  They haven't done that again yet...
I was also worried about getting more of an appetite and since I have started T I have lost all appetite.  I forget to eat and have gotten to the point that I have to remember and force myself to eat at least once a day.  I have also gotten more active and have been walking just about every day.  I have also been lifting weights at least twice a week if not more.  I was extremely lazy before T.  I think I have lost some weight, but I will find out for sure next week.  I think it is just wishful thinking though. HahahaÖ  But I have notice since T and walking almost every day that I have lost some of my hips thank God!  Other than those things I think it is too early for any other major changes other than some sexual things that is talked enough about on other guys sites and I donít feel I need to get into.

If there is anything that I didnít talk about here that you would like me to talk about please email me with any questions and I will reply to them here.
March 13, 2005

As you all have more than likely noticed there has been some changes to this site...  Sheri and I are no longer together.  I am not going to get into any details, but things just didn't work out to be plain and simple.  She asked me to delete anything that had to deal with her such as her journal, pic's and stuff like that and so that is what I have done.  Sorry for all of you people that looked forward to her info.  Thank you for visiting my site and I will try and keep my journal as up to date as I can.
Talk to you all more later...