Jan. 21, 2005

I had a conversation with my sister-in-law Stacy through email this morning and it was just so awesome that I wanted share a bit about it with everybody.

When replying to an email where she had asked how Sheri and I were doing I mentioned that I finally found a therapist willing to work with me for a price I could afford and that if all worked out I would be able to start testosterone soon.  I had also asked if she ever got the email that I sent out to everybody when I “came out” since I wasn’t sure because she hadn’t mentioned anything and I didn’t know if it was that she didn’t get it, or just didn’t want to talk about it.

Anyways, she wrote back saying that she never got that email and asked about the whole transgender thing.  I wrote her back explaining as much as I could.  Through the next few emails we sent back and forth I just couldn’t believe how supportive she was.  I expected she would be OK with everything, but never expected her to be as supportive as she’s been just through these couple of emails.  I think the reason I never expected it is because nobody else has been this supportive and caring.  I knew she was an awesome person I just never knew she was this awesome, or that anybody could be that awesome.  She showed me that it doesn’t take doing or saying much to be a great supporter and friend.

Words that have been the most comforting and supportive from a family member and friend…

“I am sure that it will be hard for you.  But, I suppose that you will find out who your real friends are.”

“I try to support and respect everybody as well as I can. I realize that it isn't my life, I shouldn't have a say in what somebody else does.  I am not the one in the changing situation.  I am glad that I can bring you support though.  You are family!”

“All you can do is to be yourself and try, and hope that others see you for who you really are.”

These words may not sound like much to some people, but they are the most awesome words somebody like myself could here from a family member and friend!
I think that everybody should see her words and wisdom, and this is why I chose to share with everybody here! (I asked her first of course!)

It’s not only these things she said to me, but also the fact that in the midst of these kind words she asked questions.  Anybody can say nice things to somebody (not that anybody else in my family has), but the fact that somebody asks questions to try and understand what they can about you and about being trans lets you know that they really do care and they really do accept you for you.
Sunday, February 13, 2005

Well, a few things happened this weekend… Friday night was Kirk & Pam Milton’s 10-year wedding anniversary at the Bakersfield FOX Theater.  10 Years ago they had what was called “The Wedding”, but it wasn’t just a wedding: it was a “Theatrical Event”, and it ended up being on every local and national news station.  It has also been said that it went international.  Not only did the wedding itself have a Parental Advisory Warning, but also the Anniversary!  No children under 12 years of age were admitted.  To attend the anniversary you had to have a pass just as you did the wedding and the reception.

Sheri and I were invited and sent passes, so of course we wouldn’t pass up this evening for anything.  They had the lights and sound show that was just so amazing that there is no words to describe it.  It was just absolutely phenomenal!

Not only did they have the fantastic lights and sound, but they also of course had the showing of there wedding video that had the wedding, reception, how it all came together, history of Kirk & Pam, and a bunch of other stuff including a tribute to the people that have past throughout the past ten years.  I was warned by not only my mother, but also by Pam that my dad was in the tribute of those that have passed in the last 10 years, but I wasn’t warned that as soon as they started the video that his pictures and tribute was the very first of the video.  It was a joy to know that they would start the video off with him for whatever reason in front of there own family members that had also past away these past 10 years, but it was still very emotional and a shock for my family and I.

My mother Angie, her husband Gary, my brother Ray and his wife Stacy were also all at this exceptional event.

Kirk & Pam are just the most funniest, unique, talented people that I know and I believe I am blessed to know them both.  They are one couple that I know will last beyond this lifetime together!

Saturday was the second Bakersfield FTM Meetup.  I think it turned out really good thanks to Jason who let us use his home. Thank you Jason!

We had some serious conversations and some funny ones.  The same 4 of us were there and I think we are starting to open up a little more and that is always great.

I hope that more people will find out about this meetup every month and join us for some good conversations and fun.

Today I have just kicked back and relaxed with Sheri and our friend Katie.  We watched “Changing Sex’s” “Female-to-Male” on Discovery Health Channel that Barb (my second mom) had recorded for me.  It was ok, but it was just the same old shit I have already seen on others they do on that channel.
They really need to do somethin different...